How to migrate to a bigger drive?


Thanks for all your info. I checked out this website and it is not clear to me if the software will do a disk copy. I think I will research booting mac into Linux, but its no hurry since I still have about 750 GB left on my 2 TB hd.


Thanks for the response and info. I will check out GParted and VirtualBox and see what to do. But its no hurry since I still have about 750 GB left on my 2 TB Seagate usb 3 hd.


Depending on the level of your USB ports and amount of data to copy the actual copy process could take hours…

gparted running in a virtual machine in virtualbox will run 99% at the same speed as if you booted off a CD directly… most of the time is going to go into the actual data transfer which even with usb 3 will be slow.


I just used Clonezilla (booted from CD) to clone my 300GB to a 1TB. First time I just let it do the default, and my 1TB showed up as a 300GB. Booted into Clonezilla again and went with the advanced mode - , let it automatically fix any disk errors on the target disk, and checked the box for ‘extend partition to fill target disk’ (paraphrased), and left the rest as default. worked like a champ.

I did NOT have more than 15 shows/movies on the drive, so it went quickly, and if i lost them, i wasn’t going to care much. it was worth trying and learning. Hope it helps someone else out!


Is this still the recommended method for upgrading hard drives?

I’m brand new here. My Tablo will be arriving today but my hard drive won’t be in until Friday and I don’t think I can wait that long to start playing around with my new Tablo.

If I set it up today just using a USB stick for the hard drive, how easy will it be to copy over to a hard drive when that arrives?

Or if I’m willing to just lose anything I record this week, can I just set it up again when the hard drive comes in?


I am needing to upgrade to a larger hard drive myself, and am looking for the easiest (not necessarily the quickest) method of doing so. My computer skills are on the low side of moderate, and I am using a Windows 7 machine. Does anyone have any recommendations? Clonezilla seems pretty straightforward…


There is nothing official. You can give what has worked for others in this thread a try - but no guarantees.


Paragon has software that can mount the drives and is compatible with Windows 10. The free trial is fully functional for 10 days. I should know sometime tomorrow if the copy from one drive to the other is successful.


Stay away from USB sticks. Wait for your hd.

It may not be worth dealing with a USB stick. They are not recommended for use with the Tablo.


The Paragon software worked great. Upgraded from 1TB to 2TB without issue.


Same story for me - Paragon worked great and I moved from 2TB to 4TB. Took about 14hrs to move 1.75TB of recordings.


Did you have to do anything special? I’d like to give this a go so a small write-up would be awesome. Thanks.


Sooo … If you have Windows 10, and keep it updated, you can run a Linux Bash command window as a sub-system of Windows 10. I’m not talking about a “virtual machine” instance, it’s actually part of Windows 10. Now I’m not sure, because I’ve not tried this at all, but I’m thinking it aught to be possible to mount a Linux formatted hard drive … like the Tablo external hard drive … using that Linux Bash sub-system to copy the Tablo contents to a new external drive by just using your existing Windows 10 PC.

Like I said … I’ve not tried this at all. I’m posting this because most folks don’t know that you can now open a Linux subsystem that comes with Windows 10.

To try this, you do have to enable the Linux subsystem on Windows 10. Here’s how … see:

If anyone here gives this method of cloning a Tablo external hard drive a try, and it works (or not), please post your results back to this forum so that others may benefit.



Yes, Paragon worked for me too… I used the latest version… It’s a 10-day trial but full functionality…


Do this at your own risk.

Another way of doing it is using your NAS to transfer. As long as it read/write ext4 and have 2-avail USB ports, it should work… Just remember to format the new drive thru Tablo’s system…


This was the best and easiest solution I tried. Thanks BabbleBits for the post! I do want to comment that I had a lot of trouble running Ext2Fsd on my Windows 10 machine. I don’t know if it’s Windows 10 specifically or something on my machine that Ext2Fsd just wasn’t liking. So I used an alternative program - Paragon ExtFS for Windows It installed and started working for me in less than a minute. After assigning the drives to 2 drive letters as you described, it took about 7 hours for everything to copy. But once it copied, I plugged the new drive into the Tablo and everything just worked. Great post! thanks for Sharing.


I think it’s Linux ext4.

I’m also pretty sure that the recordings are in mpegts format and the metadata is stored separately in .json files.


Depends on how long ago you obtained and set up your HDD, or probably more specifically, what firmware the Tablo was on when the HDD was formatted.

But yes, its either ext3 or ext4. Neither are odd or proprietary.


It’s sort of “laughable”, I mean both ext3 and ext4 are Free Open Source Software. Hard to call that proprietary, unless proprietary means “standards that Microsoft refuses to implement.”


I don’t think you can call it proprietary under that definition, but I will allow you to define “odd” as “standards that Microsoft refuses to implement.”

I use a lot of “odd” technology.


I am trying to migrate to a larger hard drive and copy my existing recordings on the new hard drive. I attempted to use Ext2Fsd utilizing Windows 7 Professional. When I attempt to run the ExtFsd program, nothing happens. I thought it may be my OS and asked my son to attempt the program on his computer which is more current and running Windows 10. He didn’t have any luck running the Ext2Fsd program either. Am I missing a step?