How to make default ALWAYS extend all recordings 5 minutes

I have noticed that the last several recorded shows we’ve watched, we miss out on the last couple of minutes of EVERY show!! Frustrating when the best part is the last minute or two.
It used to automatically add five minutes to all shows it recorded. Now I notice the default is to end at exactly the hour or half hour.
Why did you take away the ability to DEFAULT to extending all recordings five minutes?
I see the “extend LIVE recordings by five minutes” - great, but I seldom record live stuff (not a sports nut at all).
I find that each station seems to have a different clock - our local CBS for example may start shows a minute earlier than the local NBC affiliate and so on. The only solution was to keep the default of extending all recordings by five minutes.
You have taken that away. I can’t standing having to hit options every time I want to simply click RECORD and walk away.
Please give us back the extend ALL recordings by five minutes so we can make that our default.
I’d much rather have every single show I record extended than miss out on the last minute or two of every single show because I must choose to extend it manually instead of by default.
Ugh, I hate that change
Please, give us back the extend by five minutes as DEFAULT.

I’m not sure that us" everyone. I’m happy with the way it currently works. I’m not having your problems.

If you want to change the start and stop times use the options. That was why they were implemented.

Why should I have to choose options for every single recording I make and make that change when it used to be a default by choice.
They should have left it up to us if we want to make that a default for all recordings.
What they did was take away a choice and force us to have to take extra steps. Like I said, the times vary for some stations - meaning that the clock on the Tablo may be 830 pm but for the station it’s 8:28 or 829 and the show is still running when Tablo stops recording.
It makes no sense to take away an option like that.
So you are saying I have to take multiple extra steps for every recording? Because I have checked almost ten recorded shows now and Tablo cut off the last minute or two of every show.
SUCKS to have to choose record, options, add five minutes, save, etc. when it used to be a setting where we could make it default to that.
Lucky you. Some of us want to simply click RECORD and walk away and not have to spend another two minutes clicking multiple things.
I guess you won’t get it or give a rip until it happens to you…

Here’s how it USED to work - and it was great -
Say it’s Monday afternoon and there are three shows I want to see that night.
I ALWAYS default to and use “live TV” because at a glance, I can see what’s coming up, etc.
Ok, so I get called away Monday and I go to the live TV view - sort of like program guide, I guess - and I find the 7:00 show on 8 and click it and hit record, then I highlight the 7:30 show on 13 and hit record, next I move to the 9:00 show on 11 and hit record. DONE - at least I used to be.
NOW, because they took away the ability to set 5 extra minutes as DEFAULT, I have to now change to the scheduled tab, find the scheduled recordings, hit each one in turn, choose options, choose extend the 5 minutes, save, next show, options, extend, save, next show, options, extend, save.
And I have to do that every time I want to point, click, record - I now must go to the scheduled recordings and hit each show, options, etc.
That’s crazy.
I guess I’ll see if support can DOWNGRADE the firmware - I don’t use any of the surround sound stuff, never will in our house, but that extra five minutes at the end being MISSING for every single recording now means I have to manually put it back. What a PAIN.
They are forcing me to spend every minutes, several extra clicks, and I must remember to do this, for every recording or I miss the end of the show.
What was the reason for taking away that CHOICE?
Why take away the ability to automatically add time to every recording?
Did you need the code space? Is the chip getting full or something and you have to take out to put something new in?

It was a pain if you downloaded the recordings from your Tablo because then you had to manually chop off the last 5 mins… IDK, given a choice id rather have it not extend by default (and leave it as an optional user setting to enable if they want it).

The users denanded the ability to decide for themselves how long to extend recordings, and the Tablo folks delivered.

If this is a constant situation, maybe you need to contact the various channels in your area to encourage them to deliver the correct information to the guide providers.

And the extra 5 minutes of slop time doesn’t always work. Since it really wasn’t part of the actual scheduled TV program, it was chopped if the tuner needed to be assigned to another recording.

Interestingly I haven’t really encountered the actual end of a show being cut off. Maybe the preview for the next episode, which I’m fine with, but not the actual end of an episode. And I haven’t adjusted anything back to recording the extra 5 minutes.

I think you have the best solution. I don’t want an extra 5 mins because we record a lot of shows from the same channels. If you have the extra 5 mins and shows back-to-back it uses two tuners during the overlap time which will cause a problem with other recordings - they have to wait 5 mins for tuner and you lose the first 5 mins of that show.

But they didn’t allow us to make it our default. You ALL are totally missing the point - and no, I have FOUR FREAKING TUNERS and have NEVER missed the start of a show but then I’m not one of the power users who seem to run what happens with Tablo.

You are missing the point - allow us to make it OUR default - give a choice in SETTINGS to add five minutes to recordings. Then those who want it can have it and those griping about it can simply NOT select it.
For me, I don’t record billions of entire series of shows to export. I do record a few but that’s where you could go in and change that show series recording settings.

For me I’d make the added five minutes my default and if I wanted to record all of the entire Gun Smoke or Big Bang Theory series, I could simply go into the settings for those shows and remove the five minutes.
But most of my recording is a show here, a show there, maybe two, or three in a night and to have to go in and add that five minutes to each thing I choose to record is ass-backwards.
Why not allow me to make it my default for all recordings, in settings, like it is for LIVE shows.
That’s all I’m saying - put a bloody check box there and let us add five minutes to the end of every recording by default.
You folks griping about not wanting it - then you simply DO NOT CHECK THAT BOX DUH.
But to force ME to every single time I want to record anything, have to choose record, then switch views to scheduled, choose the shows and change the settings every time - that’s backwards.
IF they applied logic to the setting, we could choose is as OUR personal default in settings.
The rest of you just ignore it and don’t choose it.

The rest of you are griping about something that would never impact you - I’m not talking about Tablo putting in the five as system default, I’m saying stick a choice in settings.

And no, the suggestion that I contact a station - LAUGHABLE - hahaha. Really? You think that’s where the issue is?
No, you didn’t read my posts, or didn’t understand - our TV allows us to set the time from Internet, or from a station I experimented and found that some station times broadcast in the signal can vary by a minute. Given that there’s always some variations, I mean compare your cell phone time to a TV station time, TABLO time, Microsoft time servers, etc. and you may see a full minute or more.
Some stations don’t include ADS for five minutes at the end of a show but end it right at the hour or half hour point (CBS often starts seconds early or ends seconds late) - so if a show ends right at 6:59:59 and their time varies from the Tablo time by a minute, and that’s extremely possible, even likely, then I miss the last of the show. Again, not all shows end at three or two before the hour - some stations don’t pad with several ads between shows. In fact, some have begun to split screens when they play OLD shows that don’t have room for the current 15 minutes of ads per hour, so they bump into each other end to beginning.

If you aren’t willing to even listen to how I have outlined Tablo could fix this and NOT impact your recording, then you have missed all points.

Sorry, snowcat, Tablo didn’t deliver, they took away a feature - the ability for me to default ALL recordings have the extra five minutes. They screwed me out of the end of many shows - and force me to spend another half dozen steps per show recording to change it.

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But they didn’t leave it as an option in settings - that’s my freakin point - they took that option away.
Now they force me to choose for each individual show recording - and I have to change views and perform several tasks to add it back.
That’s fine - you are the closest to what I’m suggesting. Put a settiing for this in SETTINGS, leave it UNCHECKED by default, and then if I want ALL of my shows extended, I can check that box, and it won’t impact you, but I’ll have my five minutes back.

By the way, I have recorded several TV show series, such as Star Trek Enterprise, I exported them, and no, I did not trim the extra five minutes off the end - why would I? Sometimes shows started a tad late due to games, politics, or weather interruptions.
And those that don’t want the extra five minutes, IF TABLO HAD DONE THIS CORRECTLY, you’d simply not check the box to make it a default.
But I WANT to check it to make it a default - and Tablo took that choice away from me and FORCED me to decide it for every show instead of allowing ME to leave the five minutes on by default.

Anyway, I think you are the ONLY one who may understand what I’m asking - don’t force it on anyone, put a check box in SETTINGS view, add five minutes by default if you check it, don’t add it if you don’t, and leave the choices as they are in the individual recordings.

The 5 minute slop factor was never an option. If it had been an option I would have certainly found it and turned it off.

It was an implementation detail and when the feature to allow specifying start and end times was finally designed, user slop factors were moved to being series and/or episode slop factors.

It’s not like this feature wasn’t discussed ad infinitum in this forum before the actual implementation.

There are other features that tablo needs to implement to remain competitive with it’s competition.

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I completely disagree.

The added five minutes was only in effect if there was a free tuner, so it may or may not happen to your recordings. And with the user defined setting, it is much more reliable and clear.

And this setting has been in effect for months. You should have noticed this by now.

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