How to get tv working with the New Tablo

I just bought the new Tablo. It connected to my network just fine but I don’t know how to get it to work on my smart tv.

You need to download the Tablo app for whatever device you are using for playback…

So if you are using the OS built into your TV for playback, it depends on which OS that is (i.e. Roku, GoogleTV, etc.) as to whether the Tablo app for the 4th gen unit is available for it.

You need to download the Tablo app, or if you TV has the ability, just add it in there.

I’m so confused. I downloaded the Tablo app on my Samsung Smart Tv but if I take the antennae off and put it in the 4th Gn Tablo, my tv no longer works. There’s no connection because the antennae is now on the Tablo device. Sorry for being so clueless

The Tablo app currently available on your Samsung TV is for the Legacy Tablos. The new 4th Gen Tablo is not supported, so you will need to attach a supported streaming device (Roku, Fire TV Stick, Chromecast with Google TV, etc.). See @Nilex post above for currently supported devices.

You’ll connect this device to your home network by either WiFi or Ethernet and then connect that device to your TV with an HDMI cable. You will need to install the Tablo app (dark blue background with Tablo in white and a light blue line through the center of the apps badge) for the 4th Gen Tablo to this device. Once all of this has been completed, you should be able to access your new Tablo through your streaming device on your TV.

Ok. I connected a firestick to my tv. I downloaded to Tablo app but it will not work. I takes a very long time to load and once at its Home Screen it will not scroll in any direction and then it just automatically goes back to its Home Screen. It is an older firestick

Are you able to connect to your Tablo using a phone or tablet? Did you go through the complete setup process including setting your location, scanning for channels, etc?

Yes it connected to my just fine

It connected to my phone just fine

Then it’s possible that it’s combination of your WiFi network and possibly your older model Firestick not being powerful enough to stream the information required. I would suggest you contact Tablo Support at

@Gmc Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting Tablo Gen4 signal via your Firestick. Please forgive if you have already done this, but I suggest you recheck which Tablo app you downloaded from the Firestick app store. There are two of them – the one you want is labeled “TabloTV” and its icon has a dark blue/black background. The other app, with a light color background, ONLY works for the previous versions of Tablo devices.

I use the TabloTV app on a FireTV Cube streaming device and it works very well. And the app for Samsung TV is not yet available, as explained by @3rdRockOKC.

Good luck. Let us know how your connection journey proceeds from here. It’s how we all learn together.


Thank you for responding. I could never get through to Tablo support. Finnally I purchased a fire stick 4k and it worked. I had a firestick second edition and I guess it wasn’t strong enough for the Tablo app to work. But my Ion station 49.1 will not come through. On the app or on my iPhone. Haven’t check all the other stations. Hopefully, I can just get on and watch some local channels.