How to get Firmware Update 2.2.32

I’m new to Tablo, have a HDMI Dual, only 30-days old. I get the notice on 2/5/2021 that 2.2.32 F/W is available. It’s now 3/6 and my Tablo still hasn’t updated.

  • I have selected the F/W upgrade box, but it always tells me that my F/W is upto to date - it’s at 2.2.31
  • I rebooted and still doesn’t allow the update to 2.2.32

What should I do? Thanks for any help.

Read above.

+1. The 2.2.32 release is not meant for the Tablo Dual HDMI units, only the network-connected units.

Ok, thanks, answers by question.

The email I received on 2/5 from Tablo didn’t mention not for DUAL HDMI boxes. Wording was: “A new maintenance firmware update (version 2.2.32) has begun rolling out to network-connected Tablo OTA DVRs. This update includes modifications required for your Tablo to continue to receive updates to cover art images, as well as some performance improvements.”

I now know DUAL HDMI aren’t network connected!

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I agree it is confusing cause technically the “TV connected” DVR such as the DUAL HDMI is also actually connected to the network and you can stream to a Roku or Fire TV for example.