How to find my Tablo SSID

Stupid question. Got my tablo 4-tuner out of the box, started trying to set it up over wifi with kindle fire, hit ‘forget’ instead of ‘connect’ and now I can’t get it back and I don’t know what the SSID is to add it back manually. How do I get it back?

Turn the Tablo and Kindle off then back on and try again.

I’m really confused and frustrated and even angry

I managed to connect to the tablo by hooking up an ethernet cable and using the webapp in a pc browser, and changed the name from “Tablo (DVR)” to “SetterTablo”. So now the kindle sees SetterTablo and can also connect to it.

So now I can get to the tablo and the settings page from both the computer and the kindle (but if kindle asks me to look for wifi network TABLO_XXXX again I’m sunk)

I can’t deal with router manual configuration/ports. (I found the setup in my router, added the info and the router restarted itself, tablo don’t care, it still complains)

I can’t format the hard drive (pc tablo setup says no hard drive, kindle tablo setup says “format” but it is not clickable)

And most importantly I CAN’T GET ALL MY CHANNELS!

You have no idea how hard we worked, buying three different antennas, testing them all over the house and attic, finally attaching a Mohu outdoor antenna to the top of my chimney (2 story house). I brought a TV outside and connected it to the coax, and scanned and found all the channels.

Now Tablo connects to the exact same cable, nothing has changed, and it can’t see CBS/ABC (which are on the closer tower)

If I have to borrow a ladder again, it will be to take down the antenna and return all this crap for my money back, and resign myself to expensive cable for life

If the Tablo is hard wired to your router, why do you need to set it up via the Kindle? Just set it up using the website in the Chrome browser.

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trying to set it up any way I can. The plan was not to have it with an ethernet cable.

Anyways, now I see WD MyPassport is no good for Tablo.

Everything is going wrong.

No CBS/ABC is a dealbreaker.

If you connect the coaxial cable from the antenna directly into your HDTV (which has a built in OTA tuner), can you get CBS/ABC?

Yes, I brought a tv outside and scanned before declaring the antenna installation to be finished.

In fact first try brought in CBS/ABC but not NBC/PBS (from another tower). Rotating the antenna a tiny bit kept CBS/ABC and brought in everything else. CBS/ABC are closer, they should be easier to get.

And as I said if I have to get up on that 2nd-story roof again, it is to take down the antenna and give up on this cable-cutting experiment

Don’t give up yet, mate. It’s a wee bit of work for a boat load of savings forever.

I don’t know anything about antenna details, but there are very helpful people on this forum. Even though I hired a guy to install my antenna, I am well into the money savings.

Receiving the channel at the antenna, and after the cable run into your house are two different things unfortunately.

Long cable runs can degrade the signal which is why I was asking if you connected the cable to your HDTV inside the house.

mohu outdoor antenna comes with 30ft coax followed by amplifier and about 6in more of coax. That’s how the tv was initially tested a few weeks ago when we got the antenna up and also how the tablo was tested tonight. Haven’t added the ~10-12ft run into the house yet, was waiting for satellite dish to be disconnected.

Are you powering the amplifier with the separate power block or plugging the USB cable into the Tablo?

Can you please test the antenna again now? Maybe it’s moved? If it works fine on the TV, then the Tablo tuner is not picking up those two channels because the signal is being degraded just enough by the 1x4 internal splitter in the Tablo that it can’t detect it.

Thanks for being patient with me and helping me figure out all the things I should try. Amp was in the separate power block – now I get why tablo has two usb ports.

It’s late and I’m tired now, and I put everything away. I will try again tomorrow with amp into tablo usb, and also maybe drag the tv downstairs again and do a tv scan, see if that still picks up all the channels like before.

Well actually I was going to recommend to use the power adapter / block that came with the Mohu to power the amplifier. Only use the USB ports on the Tablo for the hard drive.

It sucks you’re having problems - but we can try to help you. Getting a strong OTA signal is the hardest part, but once it’s achieved you should be good. I’ve had my Tablo setup working well since May 2014 so it is possible.

Antenna placement is absolutely crucial. And the antenna itself is important too. As it was mentioned previously, only use the USB ports for a hard drive.

Can you post a tvfool report with a minimum height of 25. This will help us help you with direction and signal types of the channels you want.

Moving the antenna a little bit can impact signal strength and reception. Your cabling and connections also play a role in reception and signal strength.

Your hard drive should be one of the approved ones, I believe there is a thread going on this. I use a USB powered wd passport 2tb. If you do not use an approved hd, you will not have a good experience.

I started with a mohu leaf, went to a winegard, to a antennasdirect attic antenna to a rca yagi type antenna mounted on my chimney stack.

I get vhf hi and lo and uhf signals in my area. Your tvfool report will allows us to review the types of signals you are getting and will ensure that you are using the right type of antenna.

This is not a simple process where you plug everything in and it works. Sometimes it does, but in my experience, it was challenge and interesting experience. It takes research, time and patience. This forum is filed with good folks that will help you out. Give it a chance and we can see what we can do to help you!

Saving all that money is and will be worth it in the end.

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It’s a pretty bad location for OTA. CBS/ABC is SW and nearer. NBC/PBS is SSE and further, everything has to roll over hills to get down into our valley. When installing, antenna due south picked up CBS/ABC but not NBC/PBS. A slight tweak toward the E picked up everything.

I live in Penasquitos. I think you are on the right path to solving your reception issues.

With the exceptions that I don’t have the 2-edge issue, 8-1 and 10-1 are both hi-vhf. But they are much closer then 69-1,39-1, 51-1, and 15-1. These four all broadcast from the same location. 6-1 is iffy depending on your antenna/amplifier - but it’s moving to 8-3 May 31st. So because of my house orientation I found that directing the antenna exactly in between (add the degrees and divide by 2) worked best.

Very, very slight tweaking might indicate a different antenna or amplifier would work better. Or a need to take into account 2-edge. Poway is full if many little hills and valleys that make reception very address specific. But at least you don’t live next door in RB, which sits in a bowl surrounded by hills.

I only use attic antenna placement. I started with a winegard 5500a. Worked great but had the slight tweaking issues. Thought I would try a Sky 60. Only worked slightly better if placed close to a window or ventilation opening. It came with a splitter/amplifier which I used for around 2 years before it went bad.

When BestBuy had a sale a few months ago I switched to a clearstream 2v and when married with masterchannel splitter/amplifier has been the best so far.

Unless you have some very solid 5g WiFi I would hardwire the tablo. I have both of mine connected via powerline.

thx for the local info zippy, I’ve got sky 60 on my chimney, I tested with it first on only a 6ft ladder in my driveway and was pulling in everything, even some channels from LA, so I thought up on the chimney would be bulletproof.

A 4-tuner tablo has a built in 4-way splitter. That’s why most users need/use a good amplifier.

Also different atmospheric conditions(cloud cover) may yield either false positive or negative results. While I have LOS to local stations, I get worse reception with cloudless skies.

You probably shouldn’t be getting any L.A. stations since they broadcast from Mount Wilson (over 100 miles away) - unless you are picking up the Palm Springs or Riverside feeds.

Of course if your 6 ft ladder is metal maybe it was assisting your reception. I loaned my sky 60 to my sister for in house use and discovered she had twisted 2-3 ft old steel wiring around antenna and it increased her reception.

yes, ladder was metal, I gues that was part of it.

I read in a different thread that the tablo 2-way also has a 4-way splitter, just only two tuners installed. Tablo support insisted the loss from splitting should be identical in both units.

For channels coming off the further tower (NBC/PBS) I am getting 5 green dots, so hopefully I can find a rotation that also pulls in the closer CBS/ABC tower.

So why is it important to “hardwire the tablo”? Isn’t it broadcasting to devices using its own wifi, and connects to home wifi basically just for receiving program guide?


Sky 60 comes with 30ft coax and then little powered amplifier. That cable basically gets me to the ground, then I connect to another cable maybe 10-12ft that goes into the house. What do you think about putting amp outside at that point, leaving it plugged into external outlet (how to protect from sun/rain?), vs putting the amp inside at the tablo, at the end of the extra 10-12 ft?