How to enable closed captions with fire tv app

I have had to stop using my ROKUs to view Tablo recordings and instead use my Amazon Fire TV stick. It is nice not to see any LPW messages but I have not found a way to enable closed captions, which did work in the Roku app.

Any help appreciated.

The Fire TV app does not support CC my from understanding. I just tried to enable it somehow, no luck.

Looks like I might have to add a Nexus player to my growing collection of partially-functional Tablo recording players.

Can anyone confirm if the Nexus player Tablo app enables CC and if the device itself plays Tablo recordings without a LPW message or equivalent?

I see it on sale for ~$50 at Best Buy.

I’ve heard all good things about the Nexus Player with regards to playback. The Android app and the Fire TV app are practically the same, so same functionality.

Just keep holding the OK button (the one in the middle) and you will get the option on screen to turn on/off CC. Both FTV and NP work the same way regarding CC, and unfortunately, the CC is not as nice looking as Roku’s and there is not a way to control the size and style.

I have not experienced any LPW and reboot on both FTV and NP, and the Tablo app works really well on both devices. The only issues (beside the absence of CC style setting), are the resume function (does not work) and a blank page of recorded shows when exit from playback (has to wait between several to 20 seconds for the page to refresh).

I personally think the FTV (2nd gen) is a better product and has better video quality (richer color) than the NP. The power adapter on the NP is loose and will cause the NP to lose power/reboot upon slight movement.


Thanks, Kamy2015. That procedure worked great! That saved me $$$ by not having to purchase another media player.

Now I can reset my Tablo to maximum recording quality and watch recorded programs without LPWs plus CC enabled while I wait for the ROKU problems to be mitigated.

Thanks - I tried holding down the button, no luck. I will try again later.

FYI - on Android devices the ‘help’ menu will show all of the remote functions.