How to delete many episodes of a recorded TV show

I have recorded about 35 episodes of a certain TV show and want to delete them all.  Surely I do not have to delete them individually 1 at a time do I?

@dug, currently that is exactly what you have to do. It has been requested and acknoledged they will be doing this some time in the future


Yes it is very annoying now that I have 72 episodes of Seinfeld and my small 320 GB HDD is full. But c’est la vie.

@theuser86, If you have autodelete enabled, then the Seinfeld episodes will be deleted (oldest first) as disk space is needed.

I deleted about 40 episodes of various shows tonight using my Android phone, and it just took a few minutes to do. While it would be in nice to do it in a batch, it isn’t very hard to do it one by one, especially if many are in the same season.

Yeah, it’s a killer when your wife records these older westerns off METV or H&I, etc. and they play them all out of order… and she wants the older ones deleted but save the newly recorded shows because, well, they jump seasons so much the most recently aired shows may be from season 4 while they played season 6 3 months ago. 

Don’t even try to keep up with Gunsmoke with it’s 230 seasons. (ok, a really slight exaggeration but you get my drift)
Sort and DELETE by recorded date rather than seasons would be COOL. 
Fine, so we are getting old.

Yes, my wife I don’t think knows how to delete. I have two Tablo’s, one she uses and the other I do… She has like 300+ shows on hers…

Needs to be easier for her to delete. One of the options I gave in my list was to ask the user when they finish watching a show if they want to delete…

Yeah, I like that option. 

Have they already implemented the “Delete Series” option? Seems like a major convenience and necessary feature.

No, not yet. Though it continues to be a highly requested feature from what I’ve seen.

+1 for multiple delete / delete entire show feature. Takes way too long to delete episodes one-by-one.

This will be in the next update!

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How about Season Delete? Seems like a fair in-between option between deleting 1 and 120 shows (for series that repeat 2 episodes nightly on reruns).

Not sure if this is new functionality, however on the Roku as of this afternoon I am able to delete whole series recordings.

Thank You!!!

This is now the end of 2016 and still deleting one at a time. When is multiple delete coming.

You can delete multiple episodes from the website, go to in the Chrome browser on a computer.

Are you talking about Chrome on PC? I still don’t see that option. Can you please explain how to select multiple recordings for delete?

If you can handle the install, SurLaTablo, the newest one, handles queried deletes. So you could do something like: -q 'The Flash - s01e' -c DeleteX

Which would delete all season 1 episodes of The Flash without prompting. I’d run it without the -c DeleteX at first just to make sure it’s selecting the things you want to delete.

Thanks @cjcox for the info. That will work for deleting the whole series, but there are also times when we need to pick and choose multiple episodes for deletion, especially when the "keep ‘x’ number of episodes’ feature is still not available (and no ETA either) :disappointed: