How to delete a recorded show?

Hello Tablo users!

Has anyone figured out how to delete a recorded show using the iPad app?  I searched the KB and FAQs but didn’t find anything.



@Biggs - In recordings, click on the show icon, then the specific show in the list, you should see ‘Delete Episode’ at the bottom. 

Excellent, works like a charm!


It would be great to get a delete episode button in the episode page itself, for immediate use after watching an episode… Or let’s dream a little… An auto delete feature of some sort… Or at least a little intelligence so it doesn’t ask for confirmation to delete if it’s already been watched.

As-is, Tablo drops me all the way back to the listing of shows after watching an episode (why not back into the episode listings of the current show?) And so requires a bunch of scrolling and clicking and remembering what I just watched, in order to confirm i want to delete it!? Too much. Not to mention you have to wait for the episode to delete and the webpage to refresh before trying to delete another episode or life becomes frustrating very fast. And of course new recordings are at the bottom of the list as well, which makes life without good episode management, full of so much scrolling.

Episode management needs to be re-imagined. Something this basic shouldn’t lead to how-to questions and frustration… And scrolling… And certainly not auto-scrolling! Who’s idea was that!? :slight_smile: Nice first effort… But to fancy.

We’re working on additional deletion tools @Thumbs. Your feedback will be helpful as we work on this. Stay tuned! 

It would also be helpful to be able to delete all recordings of a specific show.  Perhaps column on the form that lists the episodes displayed as a check box.  Then a button above the column that says select/deselect all.  And finally a button that says delete selected next to the select/deselect all button.