How to connect antenna,tablo 4th gen to 2 tvs and 2 roku ultran

I have tv antenna a tablo 4th gen ,2 unsuppoted smart tvs and 2 roku ultras. I have wi- fi and internet router. I am told i need rokus because the smart tvs arent supported by tablo. I have installed antenna, ran coaxle cable to tablo antenna in port. Now what do i do

  1. Get the ROKU’s connected to the TV’s and the network.
  2. Install the TABLO app on the ROKU’s. It’s the dark blue one.

Since I don’t have a Gen-4, you’ll have to get additional help from those that do.

@sam_GARBER_III This article has the instructions you need:

Ooops, i also have a electric antenna power booster…it says coax cable from antenna to the antenna in port on booster. On booster there are 2 outlets for coax to connect each tv.
Question, would i run the coax from antenna to tablo then ethernet connection from tablo to router?

You only need one Coax from Antenna/Booster to Tablo.
Depending how close the antenna tower is where you get your channels from, you may not need the booster.

Then Tablo and both ROKU’s need to connect to router by Ethernet or WIFI.


Thank you!! I will work on it.
Really really nice lookin ride!! What year?

Thanks, 2002 Z06

I’m sensing a pattern.

Excuse me, I mean a “not-so-hidden Easter egg”.

I think this is one of the great things about Tablo, you can set the Tablo up near the antennae, and the connect to all the TVs via WiFi/Tablo app.

Before Tablo I had antenna cables going from the TVs and out the window (wife not happy). Now I run the antenna on my roof and bring the antenna wire into an upstairs closet (antenna taped to an upstairs window) where I have an Ethernet switch.

Really great setup.