How to confirm Tablo using Ethernet and not WiFi

Hi there,

I had previously been using my Tablo 4-tuner on my home’s WiFi network, but recently hardwired it to my router using a Cat 5e cable.  How can I be sure that the Tablo is using Ethernet and not, as I previously configured it during initial setup, the WiFi network?  I want to make sure I am getting the fastest transmission possible.  Thanks!

I wondered the same thing but realized as soon as it was able to connect via the Ethernet, the wifi connection dropped.

I checked my router just to be sure and it also was assigned a new IP address (at least in my router config, they get different ranges).

Thanks!  That’s great to know.  

As an aside, I love the improvements you’ve made to Tablo2Go and am definitely going to try and create a setup between my Plex server and Tablo the way you have described yours.

@Kaelon - As soon as something is plugged into the Ethernet port, the WiFi drops. 

Drops as in wifi is disabled ? I was just about going to ask for this option. I figued it would use less power.

That’s correct Phatboy. We’ve engineered Tablo to be as energy efficient as possible without sacrificing performance.

Thanks for the confirmation @TabloTV!

Hi, I switched from wifi to ethernet. I think I’m on ethernet, but I can’t tell by looking at my router. I don’t know which machine in my list of clients is the Tablo, and the router doesn’t say how a client is connected (it is an Archer C7). I want to confirm that ethernet is preferable. I imagine it is because it eliminates double wifi latency. It would be nice if the settings in the app showed the IP and whether it was connected on ethernet or on wifi. Thanks.

If Tablo has an Ethernet jack connected, its WiFi module will turn off so you are indeed connected by Ethernet.

@TabloTV I just proved this was NOT the case in my home…

I turned off the wifi on my router to FORCE the connection to ethernet for Tablo. Confirmed this as the MAC address was present in my router AND I reserved the IP. Did a number of reboots to confirm and have the table work correctly.

I then turned the wifi back on my router to enable the rest of my wireless devices. Want to know what happened? Tablo STOPPED using the ethernet and connected via WIFI (different MAC address displayed, no ip reservation).

Rebooted the router AND the Tablo and the connection is via WIFI not the ethernet…

Riddle me THAT folks…

Open a support ticket so they can look into why. This is not how it is supposed to work.

Maybe try changing the password to your wifi temporarily and restart the Tablo.

Hopefully the Tablo will not be able to connect to wifi and be forced to fall back to the Ethernet connection.

Then change your wifi password back to what it was before.

Alternately you could change your wifi SSID, which might be more effective than changing the password , since that adds another layer of blockage to the Tablo wifi connection attempt.

Let us other users know your results.

Good Luck!

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will do. Already have a support ticket. I changed the FFID to get the Ethernet to connect successfully…it connected…however, after a day, it went back over to wifi. I can only think my ethernet on Tablo is failing (again…this is the third unit that would have had ethernet jack issues).

Will see…

You changed the SSID back I assume? Tablo shouldn’t be able to connect to a WiFi network you never set it up to.

Too bad you can’t make the Tablo ‘forget network’.

Maybe a factory reset would cause the Tablo to forget the wifi network.

One result of a factory reset is the loss of recordings, but, remember, you had a life before you had tv recordings and you will survive the loss and eventual rebuild of the recordings.

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I would LOVE to have a forget network or a switch for WIFI on/off…The whole pain about a factory reset is that I have to recreate all of my recordings and schedules…i know I know…#firstworldproblems

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I know the user can’t do it manually, however I don’t see why Tablo can’t remote into your unit and erase the saved WiFi network details.

Since there are different MAC addresses for wired and wireless you should simply be able to set up a reject for the Tablo’s wireless MAC address in your router’s wireless settings tab.

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@Dewi you are correct. However, I am on Google Fiber and their router (which I must use) is woefully underfeatured… Great suggestion though! I am not able to DENY mac addresses…

(Next day @Zman_Tablo notices 12 cars parked outside and tents in his front yard, sign on his door says “Starbucks Internet was out today”)

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