How to cancel a single recording from Series recording from Android App?

I have setup a series recording , in this case for Saturday Night Live. I have a few questions:

  1. Tablo sees SNL episodes that air on Saturday Night at 9:00PM Central Time as NEW episodes (when they are really NOT, but apparently are flagged as new by NBC, Tablo, or someone ?). Is there any way to NOT treat them as new (and still deal with normal SNL recordings (that can sometimes fluctuate start time/stop time based on event that cause SNL to run late) ?
  2. If I can’t fix the above, then at least it would be handy to go in and delete these unwanted episodes somehow. From the Android app, I can see these recordings in Orange, but when I click on them, I do not see any sort of Cancel this recording from the Application. I only see the ability to cancel from the Roku Tablo Application. I have tried right clicking, looking for something to appear after I highlight the unwanted recording, etc… but I cannot figure this out.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff

SNL is new this Saturday.

Update: I see what you mean about the 9 PM episode. That is flagged incorrectly. The guide provider for Tablo controls whether the NEW flag is on or off, so @TabloTV, can you do something for SNL? I did fix it by following my instructions below for all the SNL episodes listed under “Other Seasons”.

I am assuming you are wanting to prevent a scheduled episode from recording (from your talk about Orange buttons). All you should need to do (no matter which system you use) is look bring up the Scheduled list, the series you want to change, and then click on the orange REC button next to any specific episode. That will change the color to blue and prevent that episode from recording.

Thank you for helping me confirm the 9:00PM (Central Time) episodes are possibly flagged wrong.
With regard to the ability to unschedule a recording, if I am in the Guide, and see an episode flagged to be recorded, it would seem to me an easy thing for Tablo to be able to allow me to click on it, and to “unschedule” that particular episode. I don’t believe I am asking for anything that is Rocket Science here, Tablo knows I have it tagged to record (as it is shown in orange in the guide), so why can’t I unschedule it ( snowcat I am directing this to @TabloTV, not necessarily expecting you to fix this) ?
Once again, thanks for the information and taking the time to respond.

Have you tried clicking on the Orange REC button besides each episode? That will unschedule it. If you are in the live tv grid, then click on the episode, and it brings up the episode list as well (where you can click on REC).

Attempting to upload an image of what I see when I am in the Live TV grid in the Android App , and click on the show that is scheduled to record (showing in Orange). I see no way in there to cancel the recording. It does not take me to Episode List. Maybe this is an issue only with SNL (due to the 9:00 PM and 10:30 PM issue ?), however it seems like Tablo does not even realize there is a recording scheduled once I click on the episode scheduled to be recorded in the Guide.
All I know is that it is not working as would be convenient.
I think you are trying to show me another way to do it, and guess I could go there, but my point is that I would like to be able to do it as I see the item, not have to go to the Recordings, then search for something I am already viewing in the Guide. I appreciate your help, but it is not user friendly, and as pointed out, I have a hard time believing this would be difficult for Tablo to implement.
I have invested enough time in this, hopefully Tablo will review what is going on with this specific example and see if they can replicate (maybe not, depends upon how they monitor these forums).

Pretty sure it’s because that is a manual recording, it works as @snowcat said if it’s using the guide data.

This is the Manual Recording window. This is weird.

I don’t have an Android device but I can’t replicate what you’re seeing in the Windows 10 app or any of my iOS devices apps.

OK, I JUST figured it out ! You and snowcat were telling me that it should be behaving differently , so I was looking for version of Tablo device 2.2.28 by the way, and I went in and the App/Tablo settings was telling me that my Subscription was not up to date. I hit refresh there, and it refreshed. I then went into the Live Guide and now when I click on the SNL recording, it gives me the options as snowcat had expected. So it seems that Tablo has a couple of problems the 2.2.28 Device is not refreshing the Subscription information dynamically (I was looking at a recording for this evening, not something that is longer than 24 hours out) and 2). I went and looked and the Roku App was also behaving the same way, so this was not limited to the Android app only. Tablo needs to look at that Subscription refresh, as that is not something I should have to do manually (I had restarted my device a week or so ago, so it is not like it had been running for months or anything). If some of you know a good way to alert Tablo to this situation, that would be great. Thanks to all of you for you contribution to the discussion. I finally figured it out, but wouldn’t have thought I would have to do this.

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