How to add second hard drive?


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The single USB port can use a single drive of any size, so you could buy a 5 TB or even 8 TB drive - that’s a ton of space.

Ok. Thanks. No big deal at this point. I have a 3tb drive running right now with no issues and, really, should be more than enough for our needs. But…I have a 1tb drive from my TiVo HD that is now useless, thanks to TiVo’s total disregard for a decade long customer, that I want to use. And I suppose I have to admit, that it is only to say “in your face, I a have moved on”. That said, the port is there, let’s use it!

Getting a “Page doesn’t exist or is private error” Would really love to transfer from my 1TB to a larger HDD because I’m losing shows to insufficient space! And no, I don’t feel like deleting most of what I’ve already recorded… I will binge watch eventually…maybe. LOL

It’s on the roadmap! (The place where feature requests go to die)

support of the second drive would be handy for transferring recordings to a larger drive…

hard drives DO FAIL …

How about using the second hard drive for real-time backup? I know we have 3rd party software to transfer and archive shows, but not every user is tech savvy and some may prefer a no-brainer solution to protect their recordings against hard drive failure (e.g. just hook up two 8TB drives and be done). Just a thought :slightly_smiling:

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“How about using the second hard drive for real-time backup?”

Are you asking for raid 1 support?

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That will be a great solution, but not sure if Tablo hardware has enough muscle to support that without impacting their core DVR functionalities. Otherwise, they can kick off the backup/ data sync process whenever system resources are available (no need to be real time). I would imagine that this is low priority comparing with other requests like setting the number of episodes to keep, account login for remote streaming… etc.

That’s not “real-time”. So you have to know exactly what you are asking for. That way everyone including development knows and agrees to exactly what to implement.

I’m just making a suggestion for a potential usage on the second USB port and in my opinion, being realtime or not is not that critical as Tablo development team will know the best on what their hardware can support (great if realtime, but acceptable otherwise). I have no intend or need for using this feature, but just to throw an idea out here and if somebody wants it, they can submit a formal request and provide detail requirement based on their need. Besides, this is not “Feature Request” forum.

Nothing says it’s a bad idea.

I’m just trying to understand what the possibilities are: Raid 1, full image, File backup full and/or cumulative.

And the forum must support feature requests. There is a whole category associated to feature requests.

Exactly, anyone who has the need for that feature can submit a detail request in the Feature Request category per their requirement :slightly_smiling:

Well if you’re impatient you could buy 2 Internal Drives and then Something Like One Of These. Manages the RAID completely independently of the PC/Device so you don’t need anything special done. Should show up as a regular external drive to whatever you attach it to. So theoretically it should work with the Tablo.

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yeah that’s true. I came across those products long time ago and I totally forgot about them. Just scratch my suggestion then :smile:

And it isn’t at the top of the road map since large disk are supported.

Assuming this is still on the roadmap… is there any easy way to upgrade my hard drive and move recordings from old small drive to large big drive?

If you’re comfortable using low level OS utilities, you can clone the Tablo drive’s contents to a larger disk. Try this thread:

thanks, will give that a try if I decide to go ahead