How to add second hard drive?

I’ve got a second hard drive, how do I get my Tablo to format and use it as well?

I believe that feature is not yet active

That’s correct - we don’t currently support the use of a 2nd hard drive but this is on the roadmap. When we do, the plan is to have Tablo load balance recordings between the two drives. 

Ok, thanks, any ETA on when that section of the roadmap might be reached?

@guybrush_mp - Sorry, no ETA on that right now. Is there a reason you were excited to add a 2nd drive? More storage? 

I wanted to replace my older, smaller drive with a newer, larger drive.

It’s possible.  Check out this thread.

I was wondering if there is any word on being able to add a second hard drive? Thanks

My best guess is that it will never be done. Once they get support for larger hard drives, there isn’t a real need for a second drive.

Why do you want a second drive?

May be more cost effective for the OP; no need to buy another drive when 2 smaller (already purchased) drives could provide the same space.

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@snowcat I hope they do because I would like to have a second drive for backing up shows or just having more room. And this is an option that is advertised about the Tablo unit.

Second drive support is something we still would like to add but I don’t have an ETA yet. Larger drive support is in internal testing now. Hoping it will be in users hands soon.

If the scheme is to load split across two drives it would still not be possible to back up favorites to a second drive for archiving. It would also prevent offloading a flaky drive to replace it with a new one. Did you ask the user community how they would like to have the second USB handled?

@oldmike - Initial thoughts on the feature were that we’d split the load but you’re right that it would be nice to be able to gracefully handle a move of content from one drive to another. This is something we’d like to address. When we get closer to actually implementing the feature we’ll definitely look more closely at all of the functions second drives could/would support.

So. we are still not able to utilize the 2nd usb port for a 2nd hard drive?


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The single USB port can use a single drive of any size, so you could buy a 5 TB or even 8 TB drive - that’s a ton of space.

Ok. Thanks. No big deal at this point. I have a 3tb drive running right now with no issues and, really, should be more than enough for our needs. But…I have a 1tb drive from my TiVo HD that is now useless, thanks to TiVo’s total disregard for a decade long customer, that I want to use. And I suppose I have to admit, that it is only to say “in your face, I a have moved on”. That said, the port is there, let’s use it!

Getting a “Page doesn’t exist or is private error” Would really love to transfer from my 1TB to a larger HDD because I’m losing shows to insufficient space! And no, I don’t feel like deleting most of what I’ve already recorded… I will binge watch eventually…maybe. LOL

It’s on the roadmap! (The place where feature requests go to die)