How the Tablo saved my friend's Super Bowl party

I mentioned last week that one of my best friends just cut the cord.  He also happens to host a Super Bowl party each year for about 20 people, including my family.

I was impressed that he bought antennas for all four of his TVs.  However NBC is the one station in Nashville that is VHF, and it can be the most troublesome to pick up.  My friend thought the Super Bowl was on ABC, so he didn’t even bother to check the NBC signal till the day of the party. Unfortunately, none of his TVs would tune NBC.

He did have an AppleTv box, and at first we were hoping that the streaming NBC app would play back on it from an iPad, but it wouldn’t.  Luckily, I brought my iPad with me and tried to use Tablo Connect to take the signal from my home to his home and then show it via AppleTv.  It worked!

I had it set to 2 Mbps, but it looked great on his TV.  I also liked the fact that even though I have never used AppleTv before, my iPad was able to see his and send the show to it.  The main weakness was that quite a few times during the game, the AppleTv connection disappeared and I would have to reconnect.  

I think I impressed a few people with what the Tablo can do last night.  :smiley:

I figure a few users will have stories like this… I almost took over my friend’s Super Bowl party with the Tablo because I was stuck watching the Super Bowl in SD from an old cable box. But I resisted insisting we watch it in HD.

I don’t have a “Saved the Super Bowl” story but I had about 10 people over and the Tablo did not have a single hiccup. Only a couple people were familiar with my setup before they arrived and everyone was impressed with the quality of the picture and no one noticed anything odd.

The Tablo was displaying live TV non stop from 11am to 11pm and did not lockup like in my other thread. It appears the cooling fan may have helped that situation as well.

Woo hoo! Glad to hear it. 

Hope everyone had a good Bowl weekend.

Down the antenna, through the Roku, up to a projector and onto the movie screen for for an almost life-size picture. Super Bowl looked great!

The grand kiddos watched on a laptop in the kitchen because they’re to messy to eat anywhere else.

@snowcat In regards to the disconnect problem on AirPlay…I have been experiencing the same thing ever since I updated the appletv to 7.0.3. The tablo worked perfectly with AirPlay prior to the update so I am fairly certain that it is related to the change in apple’s software. Is anyone else having the same problem?