How safe is channel rescan

Are there any possible issues doing a channel rescan? I mainly want to do it to update some of the channel names.

I’ve done a channel rescan a few times (to add channels) and haven’t had any problem. YMMV

Channels with a low signal strength may not show up on a rescan. But you are not required to save the results of a rescan.


If you do have weak ones you might lose, scan late at night for best reception.

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It’s probably safe to rescan anytime UFO activity is low or doesn’t exist.

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The only issue I have had is that some channels only come in at night. Some even have good signals. I prefer to do my scans during the day when channels have the worst signal. That gives you the best assurance all channels will have good performance. Don’t forget to go through and make sure you have thew channels selected that you want. I notice sub channels may be deselected by default and I like some of those.

You clearly have the opposite opinion to me but it shows there is a noticeable difference between day and night reception.

Since Tablo doesn’t have option to keep channels during a scan, figured he may not want to lose some that he would adjust antenna to when he wanted to view or record. Was the reason for his hesitance to rescan.


For those who live in a coastal area you might find heavy on shore flow(fog) in various areas at night. That does impact reception.

Make a list of the channels you watch. It will save you time when selecting the channels after the rescan. Some channels will stay selected, but it’s been my experience that the sub-channels often get deselected.

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A list insn’t a bad idea. When I do a rescan there are often a couple sub channels I don’t recognize. I add them then when I flip through I remember “this channel is awful”. :rofl:

Depending on weather and things you may gain some channels and maybe lose some channels.

Suggest doing rescan using phone. Recheck any channels you want to keep