How often does program guide data download?

I bought the subscription to the program guide the other day but I notice that my schedule only goes to this Sunday night at 8:00 PM.  I thought there would be two weeks worth.  I just ran an update but there was no change.

It downloads every morning (mine just updated at 3:42 AM CDT).  

All of mine go through at least Wed Sept 10.  I have one that shows Thurs Sept 11.   I would have thought I should have 2 full weeks worth (it’s Sat morning right now), but then I went to  It goes only to that Thursday, and beyond 7 PM that day, it doesn’t even have all the channels. 

There have been times in the past when the guide isn’t updating for a particular client on the network.  If that happens, the best solution is to delete the Tablo (not just disconnect) and then add it again.  That forces a sync.  Note: this is for web and tablet apps only.  The Roku doesn’t have that functionality.

Does that mean deleting on all my devices?   TV, PC, phone and two tablets or just the TV?  Kind of a pain.

By the way it says it was updated three hours ago but it still only goes to tomorrow.

Hmmm, I deleted my Tablo in subscriptions and then re-associated it. Ran a guide update but it still only goes out to tomorrow. 

Sorry, this is a false alarm.  “Live TV” only goes out 24 hours but “TV Shows” goes out two weeks.  This makes sense. I don’t care what channel my show is on and if I want live TV I only need 24 hours at most.

Glad you got it sorted out @thusband. You’re not the only one who’s been confused over this one :) 

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