How much was everyone paying for tv services?

I wanted to find out what was rough idea of what everyone was paying.

“TV”? Zero. Sort of the point, right? Perhaps you meant “streaming services”?

The key here is was. What did you have before all the equipment? I want to show people in Philadelphia something.

All what equipment? I had [have] an antenna for 35+ years. Cable doesn’t run everywhere. Equipment, I had a converter box for a bit. Use Media PCs aka HTPC for “streaming” along with a PC/DVR. Now a Tablo Quad, semi-retired Tablo Lite.

I use to pay $140 a month on Dish about four years ago, I have a lifetime subs on tablo quad, with the equipment put 3 antenna with combiner in the attic was paid of within 3 to 4 months of what I was paying Dish. Now I just have Netflix HD with multiple user and my daughter let me use her prime, disney, hulu, crunchyroll and there are lots of free one like tubi, pluto, freevee even roku has a free live now and regular free youtube, I just spend around 21 bucks a month on Netflix and 20 bucks a year on tablo commercial skip. Just like cell phone I use to pay around $120 a month now I just buy an unlock Samsung note 10 plus phone and pay below 18 bucks a month that’s with tax on tmobile connect unlimited talk and text and 3gb with increase it every year of data more than I use only less than 2gb.