How much better is the tuner in Tablo over the Simple.TV?

I have 2 Simple.TV units and I find the tuners are very weak. I’m considering giving those up for a Tablo. Has anyone compared the 2? Any help is appreciated, looking to make a move soon.
I’ve tried multiple antennas. I have a Wingard flat antenna on one and a Antennas Direct DB8 on the other. Thanks

Je ne sais pas - but a good rule of thumb is your HDTV tuner is the best as the Tablo has a 1x4 amplified splitter built into it. Both the Dual tuner model and Quad tuner model have the same spltter.

However, if your antenna is one, large enough, and two, pointed properly, I have found all the channels I get on my HDTV I also get on my Tablo.

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Tablo has a better antenna than the simple TV. I mean if you live too far for good signals tablo is far more likely to pick up stations than simple TV. The roku app is far far far superior for tablo than stv. Personally i like stv’s Android better than tablo. The stv apps, roku channel and web ui tend to load much faster than tablo…especially if you’re looking at a show with a ton of recordings. Tablo offers way more connections options (,fire TV, Android TV…). Stv offers…use that requires a connection to the central server tondo anything.

The speed of stv can be excellent but tablo offers so much more that the performance you get for stv isn’t what I’d call worth it


The tuners in my 4 tuner Tablo are no better or worse than either my gen.1 or gen.2 Simple.TV (in fact, there is one borderline station that my gen2 Simple.TV picks up -poorly- that my Tablo does not, but that is possibly because tablo recognizes that it won’t be reliable enough). In my opinion, both and Tablo could use stronger tuners, but they are adequate to the task.

That said, everything else about Tablo is better. It records what you tell it to, when you tell it to, and it plays back well.