How much bandwidth does Live TV to Roku take?


The reason I’m trying to figure this out is because the last few mornings since kicking out directv I’ve noticed that we can stream our local news on the Roku 2 XD and it is rock solid.  That is at least until my daughter wakes up and we fire up Plex on the Fire TV and she watches something.  At that point we start to run into buffering problems in the Tablo app.  

I know according to Plex my house is working with about 24Mbps on the powerline connections, so I’m interested in knowing what Tablo is pushing out.  If you could let us know by resolution that would be great, that way I could tune my Plex devices so I wouldn’t be exceeding what I have available.

(Also, if I run the Tablo channel in Plex instead of the naitive Roku app, it runs rock solid while running Plex elsewhere since I can see how much bandwidth I have free and adjust accordingly).

  1080p                   720p                  SD (480p)             
Bandwidth 10 Mbps 5 Mbps 2 Mbps
Gigabytes/Hour               4 GB/hr 2 GB/hr 0.8 GB/hr

@snowcat Thanks, where did that come from?  

The station I was watching was 1080i…  Wonder how much that was.

@jbanks25 - That’s from the knowledge base:

There’s all kinds of good stuff in there. 

Yeah, I should have put my link in there. 

@jbanks25, whether a station is 1080i or 720p doesn’t really matter to the Tablo in terms of storage or bandwidth.  All that matters is what setting the Tablo is at (1080p or 720p).   So if you have a channel that is at 720p and you are recording it at 1080p, it should still use the 10Mpbs / 4 GB/hr rates.

OK, got it.  So I have it set for 1080p so I was asking for 10Mbps, and my network only had a little over 9 to give at the time.  Hence the stuttering.  Makes perfect sense.  

@TabloTV I wonder if it would be helpful to put the amount of bandwidth currently available on your network somewhere in the settings on your apps across devices.  Like I said, I was able to see my headroom in Plex, so I could adjust accordingly kind of a nice although low priority feature.  (Or possibly it is there already, and I have missed it).   

Nice thread. I was asking myself the same last night.


I think you have an Asus router like me, don’t you? There is a page or tool that lets you calculate or see your live bandwidth. That will help you. You can even set priorities (lower your daughter’s tablet’s bandwidth or priority , lol) at router level and avoid such issues.

On a side note. I initially setup my Tablo to use wifi. I don’t know why but it crashed my Internet. I had to reset my Asus router. I still don’t know if it was because network saturation or totally unrelated. The fact is, my Tablo is wired now and I have not experienced the same hicup again.