How many devices can i use at the same time with tablo?

Hello, i was wondering how many devices i can use (at the same time) with tablo?


I don’t know but we often watch programs on 3 different Roku 3’s at the same time. They run smooth as silk.

If your Tablo is wired directly to your router, the Tablo FAQ says it can stream to up to 6 devices.   If your Tablo is using wifi to your router, it is half that.

That is of course for local streaming of recordings. Live TV is dictated by the number of tuners. As well, remote streaming where the content needs to be transcoded to a lower bitrate counts as using a tuner.

I only just set up my Tablo today. It’s a gift for my significant other, but I wanted to test it out beforehand. I could get it to work fine on my PC, Roku 2 and iPad mini. However, whenever I tried to put a second channel on a second device it would stop the first device from playing. I could only get 1 device to work at a time unless they were on the same channel. Anyone else ever deal with this? I should be able to view two different live channels on two different devices at the same time correct?

I have a two tuner and don’t have my hard drive figured out yet because the one I bought was not compatible… 

Search the forums - well known answer, the two devices at once require a HDD to be connected.

@theuser86 Thank you very much. I apologize that I was not able to find an answer for this on my own.