How many concurrent devices can stream from TABLO

I purchased a 4 tuner model so would assume I could screen at least 4 channels to 4 devices.

It seems though I can only screem to 1 device. When I connect with Roku works fine, but when I then connect with iOS roku disconnects and ios runs fine then i restart roku and ios disconnects.

To stream to multiple devices you need a HDD connected to the Tablo. Have you connected your hard drive yet?

@brian0 @theuser86

Ding ding! Tablo won’t be able to stream multiple channels simultaneously without a disk connected.

My quick start said to connect antenna, connect hard drive, THEN connect power.
This must be one reason why…

I suppose it “stages” the stream using the drive or however it’s best worded and blasts it out from there? Live TV is buffered or cached to the drive and read from the drive is my understanding, like my old TV tuner card did in one of my earlier PCs.