How many channels you receive?

I’m pulling 24. The furthest away is 37 miles ( abc, cbs, nbc, fox) and I’m using a multi directional. The others are about 18 miles away. Indoors does not do the trick.

Im wondering how many channels everyone is able to pull in?

Do you use a directional antenna or multi directional?

How far are your towers?

54 channels with a directional antenna, with 51 of them consistently good strength. Most of them 15 to 20 miles away.

I get about 30 useful channels from 15 miles away using a last generation Channelmaster Smartenna in my attic

That’s awesome! I hooked a more expensive antenna up today, and it looks like it’s gonna work perfectly. Still only 21-24 channels, but much better reception

Nice set up. I don’t know if I should even bother with my attic because I have a metal roof… but maybe I’ll try this weekend and see what happens??

I get 33 from my Mohu Curve 50, but am within 25 miles of most of those stations.

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40 total.

Of those,
8 are religious
8 are PBS with many programing duplicates because of receiving PBS stations from two states

Old fashioned directional aerial at about 15 feet height. It’s probably been up there since the 1980s. Stations are all 27-35 miles.

I get 46 channels all about 50 miles away. About half to the north the other half to the south with several programming duplicates. Two Televes long range amplified antennas on the same 5’ tripod with 10’ mast on the roof of a ranch home. The south aiming one is about 19 feet off the ground, the north about 22 feet. Some channels suffer when trees get their leaves in summer. Still plenty of channels with more than enough TV to watch and record.

I get 76 stations with 5 green dots but only use about 35 on the Tablo. They are all at 7.5 miles and +1000 ft. I have a 40+ yr old Radio Shack antenna in the attic that I split to TV and Tablo. (and Yes that means the coax is also that old.) Very, very, very rarely have any signal problems - unless they are working on broadcast towers etc. Will be 5 yrs in June on Tablo and the only real problem was a new PS at about 4 yrs. We love our Tablo! :grinning:

I don’t really need the new Quad, but my heart wants to get one

How many channels everyone is able to pull in? 60 with 5 greens dots

Do you use a directional antenna or multi directional? Winegard Flatwave Air Outdoor Antenna

How far are your towers? From 19-22 miles.

I am planning to upgrade to an ANTOP AT-400BV for more solid reception of the one VHF channel in my market, NBC.

I get 56 channels - all 5 green dots. I have 30 selected. I use a non-amplified attic mounted Clearstream 4V. Most stations are 23 miles away, some lower power stations are 14 miles away, ION is 37 miles away and in a different direction than the rest of the stations but I still pull it in fairly well with only occasional reception issues.

I get 69 Channels

How many channels everyone is able to pull in? 68 with 5 greens dots, 1 with 3 Orange

Do you use a directional antenna or multi directional? ClearStream 4 (older version)

How far are your towers? one cluster of towers at 37 miles and about 160 degrees, another at 8 miles at 206 degrees.

I only have about 8 stations selected to appear in the guide. And with the 45 degree spread between tower locations AND the fact that one cluster is close and one is far, makes aiming the antenna a bit challenging. So far, I’m only getting occasional interference on a couple stations (shows as pixelation).
Signal strength looks good on all the ones I have selected and they have SNR of 28 to 31.