How many channels do you receive? How many do you select?

As part of my troubleshooting I have been eliminating channels that I do not watch from my guide. It made me generally curious about what the average user receives vs. displays on their tablo guide. I had a feeling the results may be interesting.

I can receive 29 channels in Nashville. I choose only 8, since they are the only ones in HD.

I receive 32 and have selected 20 for the guide. 8 HDs and 12 SD sub-channels (mostly old TV shows and movies).

Not to hijack this thread, but a related question:
Do any markets provide HD sub-channels? All of mine are 480i.

There may not be enough bandwidth to subdivide into multiple HD streams. None in the Atlanta area have multiple HD feeds.

I get 72 channels in Phoenix and all are 5 green dots. I use only 25, 4@1080, 6@720 and 15@480. I am amazed at how good some of the old shows and movies look on Tablo.

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Yes, I was pleasantly surprised at how good an older film with Burt Lancaster looked the other day on a 480i stream. Some of PBS’ Create (sub-channel) programs like America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks Country look pretty good in 480i. If their recipes were in HD, they would be insanely great instead of simply great…

I’m wondering if the older shows shown on the sub-channels are being cleaned up (they appear to be) because when DVDs first came out, a lot of these older shows were transcribed from VHS tapes to DVD by companies and sold to the consumer BUT they were terrible looking!

In several weeks one of the channels is running a Route 66 marathon and I intend to record as much as possible. Tablo be ready for all-nighters…

I receive 39 but only have 19 active, because I don’t want infomercials, religious (no OTA Catholic stations available or I would have them), or Spanish (I don’t understand or speak it). I do watch two different streaming Catholic channels, EWTN and CatholicTV (Roku, Fire TV, Android versions available - maybe iphone)

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The major stations such as NBC or CBS also “rent” out their sub-channels to companies such as MeTV.

Some are 720, most are 480, one is 1080 (CBS on 42-1 and Telemundo on subchannel)

I guess I should have posted my stats up front. I receive 73 stations (6 with 1 dot and 3 and 3 dots) and have 28 currently selected and will probably slim down again. It seems there more selection there is the less that is on.


Yes…just like cable! :smile:

Do you recall which channel that is (MeTV possibly)? I’d like to catch that as well.

Saturday November 14 (1 PM) through till Monday November 16 (6 AM). In the Atlanta area it is the Decades (sub-channel 69.2) channel. These are the early episodes (1960-61) starting with the very first one where they head off from NY. Over 40 hours. There were so many actors who appeared in these episodes who later became well known in the 60’s and 70’s.

What does one do with a Tablo for a marathon? Put it through hell and back? I need to think through a strategy whereby I don’t sink the Tablo (that’s $200 there). Maybe select episodes with appropriate time in between them? Has anyone run the Tablo for 3 straight days without interruption? I’d hate to put the little guy through the grinder… Of course the hard drive may take a hammering as well.

It shouldn’t flinch…really no reason it shouldn’t be able to run continuously (including the HD for that amount of time). I would simply not worry about it and record away. I guess making sure the Tablo is in a well ventilated area would be a good idea, as it runs at a pretty steady warm temp.

Also, thanks for the info…I checked and Decades only broadcasts from one station in Eastern NC…too far away for me. Oh well, maybe MeTV will do something similar soon.

Should not be a problem - I run all 4 tuners for 3-5hrs quite often with no problems. I did get a DEEPCOOL WIND PAL MINI Laptop Cooling Pad 15.6" Slim Design 140mm Silent Fan Blue LED from Newegg US for 9.99. I set my Tablo on top of it and plugged it in. It makes NO noise and very little breeze …but my Table is now just barely warm to the touch and before it was HOT - 90++.

Now I know that they say that 90+ is normal for the unit, but I have always found that cooler electronics seem to last longer.

I have my Tablo in the basement which is always cool (sometimes freezing). I have it sitting two inches above a table. There is nothing above the Tablo or below. The table top underneath the Tablo has holes drilled into it every two inches so the table top is like a sieve to conduct cool air in and out, up and down. The Tablo sits on four 2 inch PVC legs I cut from PVC pipe that don’t retain any heat. When I’m down in the basement I run my hand under the Tablo and it feels fairly cool. I even turned off the Tablo’s LED.

I have four antenna cables coming into the basement from the attic (50’); one of them goes to the Tablo. The other three go up through the basement wall to three rooms with televisions\PCs. The Tablo is connected to a router switch some two feet away. The three Rokus above are wired into the LAN. Thus far the Tablo has been good and stable. I only use my iPad in bed to access the Tablo wirelessly.

I did a lot of reading at this forum (three months worth) prior to buying the Tablo so that I could set it in a stable environment.

10 and 10 … Interesting in my market the subs seem to be leased out often. 17 and 39 (ABC and Fox respectively) seem to be very much “in bed together” as they are both supported on the same website… weird, for an oldster that remembers when the networks were clearly delineated… Oh, well - welcome to the 21st century - whatever makes short-term fiscal sense… I have gone back and forth on some of the subs since there is very little worth watching, and frankly, 480i old B&W shows on a 65 inch LED just look horrid! :wink: But at this point, I’m back to an “all in” list.

13-1 WREXNBC 1080i
13-2 WREXCW 720p
13-3 WREXME 480i
17-1 WTVO-DT 720p
17-2 MyNet 720p
23-1 WIFR-HD 1080i
23-2 AntTV 480i
23-3 JustNet 480i
39-1 WQRF-DT 720p
39-2 WQRF-D2 480i

If I counted properly, I get 81 channels, but after removing everything in a foreign language, duplicate channels, shopping networks, and networks that just didn’t look like they aired programs I would watch, I am down to 25. I would like to slim down even more eventually, as the guide is more efficient the fewer channels you have, but for now, I am keeping what I have. On my husband’s Tablo, he has only selected 7 channels (the major networks and one local network that shows some college football games). Most of the subchannels are 480i, but there are a few that are higher.