How Many Antennas Needed on Quad

I just completed the setup of my Quad via wifi to 1 tv using a set of rabbit ears, scanned my channels, and it’s all good.

I want to get a good roof antenna and am thinking I may need to run the antenna signal thru the existing coax to the rooms which already have cable connectors on the walls.

Since I am using the Quad WiFi, would connecting just the Tablo box to the new outdoor antenna be enough to broadcast to all TVs, or do I actually have to run it to each room?

Note: Wifi and router in my (small) house are good. Usually only 1 TV at a time is watched.


You just need the one connection to the Tablo.

Great! That’s what I was hoping. Thanx, SnowCat!!

Just for clarification, it helps with trouble shooting, tablos’ do not broadcast. The stream over your local network, just as streaming via the internet.

As it’s over your network, it’s not tablo → TV connectivity. It follow the same networking “rules” everything else does.

Disconnecting the unused coax is a good practice. If you have a good antenna and a great signal, you can connect multiple TVs and the tablo to the antenna. I do use an amp splitter for 2 tablos and 3 TVs (old school) two are at the end of a +50’ cable run. (yes signal loss can occur, but it shouldn’t be noticeable if you have an adequate signal to start with).

With a digital signal, you may only need XX% signal strength to get 100% signal quality... it only gets so good.
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1, use a distributions amplifier so the signal remains string to each room. I actually use 2 pointed different directions with a combiner and then and 8 output distribution amplifier to each room for reception. You will need one for each TV you want OTA and well as each Tablo.

I use a distribution amplifier to avoid any signal drops. My net outputs are stronger then the original input from the antenna. I have had no issues with too much gain.