How long to add guide data

I called Monday. Today is Friday. Still NO guide data for TWIST. Since TWIST is a new TEGNA owned station WHY couldn’t Gracenote add it when they started broadcasting like TITAN TV did? Does Gracenote not have stations with an index by owner?
I called T 12 noon. @Tablotv 01004407 is the reference number.

I put in a request for the local affiliate in Phoenix as well. I’m wondering if it might take longer as they have to collect the artwork images, and then there is the further classification into the different TV genres for Tablo, etc. My ticket response said it could take 5 to 10 business days.

Yours isn’t fixed because my guide tickets are older and they are fixing mine.

I’ve had them take over a month before. I even asked for it for Christmas (or was it birthday).

Has LIneups and Program Search info…

Select Lookup APIs…
…No, none of the Station search appear to be “by owner”. I’m sure they have some idea, as big as they are - they know everything.

That would make it to easy to add. Wonder how TitanTV got it I did not ask them.

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I had found TitanTV well before I had a tablo device. Found it to be the most useful for my needs, customizable and accurate (ad, privacy, and tracking blocking help with function).

Trying to figure out their source, About Us page just says “TitanTV has partnered with local broadcasters”

For over a decade, TitanTV has partnered with local broadcasters, connecting their content with audiences everywhere. Today, TitanTV is trusted by over 800 TV stations nationwide to provide listings to their websites, mobile sites and mobile apps.

Nevertheless they generally have accurate information while the giant corporation lags behind.

A thing I like is if I get a new station I can create it for me basing it off of another station. Also able to add streaming apps such as BYUTV and EWTN .

Titan TV will add new station from members telling them about it.

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I called today and they said Gracenote says says it is going to take a while for some unknown reason. I still wish there was a way for Tablo to use TitanTV

I agree, but we know we know “guide data” goes beyond just the daily program schedule.

As the subscription service provides for advanced recording feature, by series etc. It’s likely they also provide some method or facility to index shows/series/season, movie and all that “stuff”.

I image TitanTV’s antiquated Using TitanTV with a PVR, if it’s applicable on any device, even comes close to anything necessary.

Still, I’ll always have an open tab with the current schedule from TitanTV

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