How long should an initial channel scan take?

I have an indoor OTA antenna that was connected directly to my TV with reception of 23 channels in the area.  It works great.  I am approximately 6 miles away from the broadcast centers for the major networks in my area.  It is a simple Amazon Basics Regular performance antenna.  I have no large obstructions, no large buildings blocking any signals.  It took about 10 minutes for the channel scan on my television.

I just received my dual-tuner Tablo earlier today (model # SPVR2-01-NA).  I connected the same antenna to that Tablo.  I am in the process of running the setup through the browser on my Windows 8 PC. 

35 minutes after initiating the channel scan through the setup, it still hasn't found any channels showing the 'The channel scan is in progress: Found 0 channels. (0 / 0)' message.  Is this normal? 

I am using internet explorer 11 build 11.0.9600.17207 on Windows 8.1 for the setup.

Can anyone offer any assistance?

Use Chrome. IE does not work at all with the Tablo.

Channel scan should take about 1 minute.

I didn't have chrome so I used firefox and it works like a charm.  Thanks snowcat!!!

Glad to help. IE support should happen eventually, but use other browsers for now.

I must add that the controls for live tv and playback don’t display on Firefox.  I installed Chrome yesterday for the full experience.

I just ran a channel scan and after 1 hour of getting nothing,  I refreshed my Chrome browser. This brought me back to the setup beginning where I re-entered my postal code and re-started the scan. It then took a couple of minutes to find 26 of 69 channels. Go figure!