How long have you had Tablo

I was looking at my profile. I’ve been a member here since the good old days of Feb 2015. David was doing tech support. Tech support was easier to understand. Tablo really changed over the years. When I first got it, the max disk size was only 2 TB. Then one firmware upgraded the embedded Linux to a latter version that supports 8 TB New features that were asked for were added. Myifetime guide sure has saved me a lot. Back then you. could add ll additional Tablo’s to it, but that was taken away sometimes. Us who had it were grandfathered in.
I even remember one weekend when all the subchannels for all stations were showing .1 programming but the guide was co4ect. It was a beta version, and I knew the risk. Beta means better or broken. To their credit Tablo hd it fixed Monday or Tuesday. Who has been here that long or longer.

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I was one of those that pre-ordered the first Tablo, and I received it in April of 2014. If you do a search in this forum, I made several “Happy X-year anniversary” posts the first five or so years describing the changes made over each year.

So that means this year will be the 10 year anniversary. While my first Tablo was replaced sometime during its first year, I have had that replacement the whole time. It has to be one of the oldest pieces of technology in my home. :slight_smile:

I know this 4th gen rollout has been tough on some users. Just know that this company has been around for a long time and have made a name for themselves in this market. I trust they will work out these issues.

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I got mine mid March of 2015 and it and its 1tb hard drive are still going strong. While that may not necessarily make me an early adopter there was still a lot of development to come. Was so exciting to install the next update with new features.

Would be interesting to hear from others what device(s) you used to view Tablo and what problems you had with them. The real game changer for me was purchasing and installing several Nexus players.

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Looks like Feb 5th 2015 is when I joined up.

Got mine in 2018 going 6 years this year. Used to pay satellite around 140 a month saved me around 10K total so far this year.

… why so much saved? What else were you paying for that cost $10,000 a year?

$140 x 12 months x 6 years = $10,080

I purchased my first 4 tuner Tablo in March of 2015. I started out with a WD 2TB drive, but when the firmware was updated to allow larger drives I purchased a Seagate 5TB drive to which I cloned the recordings from the 2TB.
I started watching this forum shortly after my first purchase, but didn’t join the forum until after I purchased my second 4 tuner Tablo (a used unit from someone living near me) along with another Seagate 5TB drive in 2017. When I purchased my second unit, I found that the previous owner had been a beta tester and since the new unit was already enrolled, I then started beta testing firmware and apps (mainly Roku, Android TV and Android Mobile).
Since I haven’t been here since the beginning like @snowcat I can’t compare how the gen 4 Tablos compare to the original Tablos, but it certainly appears that this product was rushed to market well before it had been thoroughly tested and ready for the average consumer. Just the lack of support for Apple TV and a web browser are major examples of why it wasn’t ready for the average consumer. I just saw a TV add for the gen 4 advertising that it can stream to all of your devices and no disclaimer that certain devices aren’t supported.
I’ve found this forum to be extremely helpful throughout the years and the few times I had the need to contact Tablo Support, they were also very knowledgeable and helpful. Unfortunately, since Scripps purchased Tablo things appear to be going downhill.

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Gotcha. I read “saved me around 10K this year” and the math didn’t add up. I took it as this year alone – which was only like 1600. Taking all 6 years into consideration, yeah. SMH

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Newbie here, have only had mine about 4-5 months.

Pre-ordered a 2-Tuner OG unit in March 2014, received it early April. Switched to a Network Quad in April 2019.

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Tablo 2tuner network OG, June 2014, because at the time Tablo had a policy with regards to life subs over multiple Tablos, I bought a 2nd 2tuner OG. Both still in operation, one wired, one on WiFi, both still using original 1TB Hitachi bus powered USB drives, both with original power adapters, etc. Both still working well.

I authored the open source SurLaTablo after Tablo published enough of their API. Their NDA forbids open source development, so… there ya go. It’s just for the OG network Tablos, still requires Python 2 (2.7). But still works multi-platform. Has lots of features not found in the other “rippers”.

Btw, first program I ever wrote in Python. So, it served two purposes. A useful tool to get my recordings for long term serving onto my Plex server and as “proof” for a job opportunity at the time.

Early Tablo advocate and owner of the rare Tablo T-shirt.


Looks like I didn’t get mine till 2018… Why didn’t you all come and tell about the Tablo sooner? :laughing:

How in the heck did you get that? Wasn’t even aware there was such a thing!

You had to be gifted one by the company. Not generally available.

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I still have mine




While I can still wear mine, it does have some holes (I have cats, it’s a thing).

Another 2018…seems like a long time ago. Still paying the piper (Comcast) back in 2014.

They are not the same company now. I’d be cautious about them working out issues.