How long does "COMING SOON" Mean Here?

I have a Tablo 4th gen on the way from Amazon. I have a LG OLED55C2AUA and installed the Tablo app from the LG WebOS app store. I see the Tablo app is version 1.1.4 from 2016. My LG WebOS version is 3.33.90. I noticed when I purchased the Tablo box that it indicated that a new app for my LG WebOS would be “coming soon”.

I am new to this community, does anyone know what “coming soon” means here? Weeks, months or years?

That’s a dangerous question to ask on this forum. :wink:

It really can mean anything. Now I do believe the devs really expected to have all the apps done in 2023 when the 4th gen went on sale in Aug/Sep. The AppleTv app is the big bottleneck, and hopefully once that is done the others will be released shortly after. But if anyone wants to use a Tablo now, get a device that is currently supported.