How long before you release an AppleTV app?

With all the struggling issues we encounter with the last firmware upgrade, wouldn’t it be time to release an AppleTV app to finally provide a great solution for the AppleTV/iOS users?
Plex released an app. VLC is releasing an app.
How long will it take for Tablo to put the efforts building and releasing a good AppleTV app?

it would be nice that it is released before 2016

I don’t work for Tablo but don’t you think it’s a little unrealistic to divert resources from fixing the current issues with Roku playback to create a new Apple TV app?

The most common used player for Tablo playback on an HDTV is the Roku from the last poll / questionnaire.

You have to fix what already exists before creating new apps. Plus satisfy the majority over the few first.


Yes I agree how much longer until an Apple TV 4th gen app is available? ? Is it even being worked on?? Who cares about Roku app, thats all set for now. We need one for apple tv users.

How is that “all set”? Some users are having LPW issues with the Roku.

Well, now that APple TV has more market share then any other media streamer. Its time to move on.

Since when was Apple TV leading the market share?

Ill post article soon

The cord cutter community largely revolves and Roku and to a lessor extent FireTV and Chromecast. Kodi is in the mix too. ATV is an add on service for streaming or cable television augmentation. I don’t know of many cord cutters that rely solely on ATV. Apple is now moving that direction but it was originally not conceived or marketed to the cord cutter community.

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We have our primary iOS developer hard at work on the Apple TV app. It won’t be ready tomorrow as building a fully featured app for Tablo requires a significant amount of effort.

The rest of the team is totally focused on finding solutions to the issues the majority of customers are currently experiencing, particularly on the Roku app.

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It’s worth the wait to get a great AT4 app versus a rushed sub par app. I think we can handle airplay a little while longer. This will be my most frequently used app, once released. So thanks for working so hard iOS team!!

I say patience is our best course of action.


Kodi might make an appearance in the Apple TV app store via a MrMC app.

Since you’ve had the developer kit for about 2 months now and that your iPad app is already near perfect (better than iPhone app at least), I have faith it will come out sooner than later.

I bet there are quite a few others like me but once the app is released on the ATV and it shows reliable, chances are I’ll buy a lifetime subscription and won’t look back for a couple of years.

Do it! :slight_smile:

I have both ROKU and ATV and use ATV almost exclusively because the apps perform much better on the ATV. So when the Tablo ATV app arrives I will be buying the new ATV’s for my TV’s. I bet once the Tablo app comes out @TabloTV will see a boost in sales.

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AirPlay streaming disconnect frequently, every few minutes or so.
Developer kit for AppleTV has been out two months ago now.

Problem is, not enough people is involved in writing apps or fixing them at nuyvo.

Btw, Apple just announced some developers workshops (one soon in Toronto) for the new AppleTV.

The new Apple TV will become the reference in tv
And if it’s true that they are releasing some internet channels subscription soon, tablo should hurry getting their app ready before that time.

Ok seriously, many people keep referencing how “few” people there are working on this team or that at Nuyvo. If you cannot name how many people even work at Nuyvo then how do you know anything about anything? I am seriously getting tired of all the weeping and gnashing of teeth on this forum… @TabloTV is shockingly patient IMO…


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Thanks I didnt know about the MUTE feature! does it also suppress their posts in the forums as well?

It doesn’t as far as I know. The guys who built the software don’t believe in muting particular users and I can understand why… It really just hides problem users vs. having moderators deal with them actively.

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