How late can you schedule a recording?

I set up a recording for a new season episode about 45 minutes before it started, then watched another channel. It did not record the program, but it is in the scheduled recordings for next week. How far in advance do you have to set up a recording? Doesn’t look like spur of the moment works.

Are you sure it was a new episode? Maybe it was a repeat in the new episodes next week? Otherwise you might want to start a ticket Tablo Support. Unfortunately no one will be there in the office until Monday.

Yes, it was the season premiere. Said new in the guide. All the new shows started last week.

I’ve never needed any lead-in time. I have started a recording “on-the-fly”, added something to the schedule new/all within minutes of it starting and - recorded as expected.

I’ll admit to human error causing issues at times :neutral_face:

That is the one thing I wish Tablo would change. Antennas Direct has support on Saturday

If they’ve been sold-out of quad’s almost as quick as they can get them in stock - I’m speculating their customer base grown enormously, including the already popular dual lite models still selling.

And they want to stick with the 9-5 week day business model for support? It does seem lacking for a company playing with the giant corporations. I guess, how do you train the new staff is another issue, but many issues could probably be resolved with screen-readers, following the manual.

I really don’t think they have huge number of units in the supply chain at any one time. Inventory costs out of pocket money.

Are you willing to pay for support as a service?

As long as the recording is set a minute or so before the program starts you should be fine.

My best guess would be that for some reason the local broadcaster didn’t mark the premiere as ‘NEW’. If you had set your schedule for REC NEW vs. REC ALL, it’s possible that the first episode wasn’t set to record.

This is an unfortunate issue happening too frequently. Not entirely sure who is to blame. I’ve seen it happen with episodes with in the same new season.

It’s not a regular thing, just often - it would be some wonderful it tablo would have schedule listing… so maybe we could catch things like this. Not a coming soon or orange boxes in the live grid, or Scheduled where you have to click one at at time to see - an actual listing of programs showing if/when they were scheduled to record, or not.

This has happened to me a lot over the years, but I set up all my recordings manually. It only seems to happen when it is a repeating recording. If I set it up too close to the time of the first episode, it doesn’t record but begins recording the next week no problem. I’ve never been able to figure out what the magic cutoff time is. I just try to remember to set recordings at least 12 hours ahead or use the guide to click on a show and select record from there instead of doing it from the schedule menu. It’s a workaround but it works for me. (I don’t subscribe to the full guide which is why I have to set my recordings manually, but I get 24hours of guide for free.)

Tablo TV, I wanted to let you know that this IS an issue that has happened to me multiple times over the years. I don’t subscribe to your guide so in my case it has nothing to do with whether or not the episode is marked as new. If I set up a repeating recording manually from the scheduling menu and it is very close to the time the show is going to air, it does not record that episode but picks up recording the following week and works fine after that. It only seems to happen with repeating recordings. When I can remember to do so, I work around the issue by setting up a onetime recording for tonight’s episode using my 24 hours of guide then I set up the repeating recording to begin the next week. Hope this info helps.