How is Guide purchase associated with my Tablo?

My 30 days of free guide are coming to an end. I came to the Web site to purchase it, and I got confused. I couldn’t see any way that my purchase would be associated with my specific Tablo. I created an account, but in doing this I was not asked for my device serial number or anything like that. So how does this work? How is my payment associated with my device?

Associated by email and covers all Tablos you might buy in the future. They were closed Friday and will reopen Monday

You should be able to go to subscriptions and click “Add Tablo”. I already have the lifetime subscription, so I’m not sure if it will look different for you.

And to second @beastman the subscription is tied to the account and will work for any new Tablo hardware, whether that is a second Tablo or upgraded hardware whenever Tablo 2.0 comes out (Not on the radar to my knowledge, but I’m sure it will happen some day).

Agree with the above. First, you subscribe. Then, after you have the subscription, you associate your Tablo with the subscription.

It is a 2 step process.

Ooohhh. That’s the missing piece. So after I buy the subscription I’m asked for the serial number of my Tablo? And somehow that lets them talk to it?

I bought the Tablo from Amazon, so this company (can never remember their name) doesn’t know who I am. My name or email address would not identify the Tablo.

Go to and create an account. Pay for your subscription. Add your tablo to your account.

All of the steps can be found here:

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I purchased a subscription. I don’t see on the Web site, but not through the Tablo yet. When does it update? My trial subscription expires in 1 day.

Do you mean that you see it on the website, but not on the Tablo?

Go to your Tablo app >> Settingsin the slideout menu >> Under Subscription click refresh and it should show up. I’m not sure how long it takes to show up.

You mean, in the Tabloid app on my phone?

Phone, streamer, web browser. Most Tablo apps, I expect.

This fixed it, thanks.

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Glad we could help.