How hot is your tablo?

my tablo sits in my tv cabniet and it gets very hot, in some spots of it it is almost too hot to touch. Ideas?

To answer your question, mate, my Tablo is warm but I would not call it hot.

Back when I had a video recorder, I had that machine in a cabinet and that monster trapped the heat. I cut some two inch holes in it to encourage air flow and it was still warm enough to melt your Halloween sweets.

How hot it gets is related to how many tuners are in use at a time. The Tablo support folks say it’s not a problem, tho some of us stand the tablo on its side to promote better cooling, while others are using cooling fans. Doesn’t seem to affect performance.

I put some little coasters I bought from Home Depot (the type one puts under furniture) under the Tablo at the corners to allow airflow under the box.

I did the same thing, I used those little cabinet/rubber bumpers to make room for air flow beneath the tablo as well as my WD usb harddrive.

OP question - It gets warm, but I allow it to have plenty of “breathing room”. I put it on the top shelf of the entertainment center (not closed in any cabinet space) and away from other electronics that may give off heat.

Mine’s pretty hot when wearing a negligee. Oh, you meant temperature. I thought mine was a little to hot to be sitting on the desk it was on so I took a cookie sheet and put it under it. That acts like a heat sink and whisks the heat away.

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Set the unit on a cookie sheet and fry eggs in 30 minutes.

I actually put small dowels in the screw holes at the bottom to raise the unit 2 inches off the table…mine is warm warm warm…


But seriously, don’t cover your Tablo with lingerie or anything else. Tablo likes to be nude.


Since we can use one usb port for a drive, I connected a small usb fan and set it on top of the tablo. Seems to do the trick.

You can always turn it sideways and have it stand vertically to allow more passive cooling.

It can get very warm, it’s normal, read here:

Mine is really hot. Such a small box doing so e signal processing shouldn’t generate so much heat (and consequently waste so much enegy). But based on these posts, it seems it is normal. Getting more and more disappointed with the technology.

Have you tried other video capture devices? Ages ago (back in the SD days) I had a Hauppauge card in my PC (at the time you could record from cable tv that way). When it was recording one specific chip got so hot you would get burned if you touched it. I assume there is some heavy duty custom circuits in there to do all the decoding/encoding in real-time. I don’t know of that is still true today, but it sure was back then.

I added rubber feet to the bottom of mine to create a bigger air gap under it. It sits on top of a hutch in my living room along with the modem, router, Vonage box and UPS. At over 6 feet off the floor it’s certainly not the coolest place to be. We are watching a recording now. I aimed my laser infrared thermometer at it. While facing the front of the Tablo I measured the top left surface. It was 105 ~ 107 degrees. Over towards the right top surface it measured 98 degrees. Not sure what is normal. This thermometer is very accurate by the way.

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