How does Tablo decide which channels are available in overlapping markets?

Hopefully the subject made sense, but a little bit of background on this question.  I live in a far northern suburb of Cincinnati Ohio.  So far north, that it is almost a southern suburb of Dayton Ohio.  When I was using my old Silicondust HomerunHD and mohu leaf combo I got both Cincinnati and Dayton channels (2 CBS, 2NBC etc.).  Obviously you don’t really need both, but I actually find myself wanting to watch the Dayton version of the news from time to time, and these channels do not appear to be available on the Tablo.  I’m assuming the my location setting drilled down the available channels based on my local (Cincinnati) market, and ignored the Dayton channels that I know I can receive.  If I am missing a setting that opens this up, let me know.  If not, please consider expanding the options for people in overlapping markets.  

@jbanks25 Do you see both options when you do a channel scan? Tablo may have ‘auto selected’ just one of each vs. both but you can select additional channels within this screen.

See the example here how it has auto selected the HD vs. the SD channel?

@TabloTV I actually added all the channels HD and SD during my initial setup.  The channel I was expecting, but did not get was 2-1 (There may be additional ones…  I’ll have to check tonight).  My service starts at 5-1 (Numerically).  If you enter 45069 as a zip on the channels section on your web page you’ll see what I mean on the dual markets.  I realize that YMMV on the available channels,  but the reason I thought it was a box limitation is because I know the Mohu Leaf Ultimate I am using picked up the Dayton channels in the exact same location with my old hardware.  It’s not the biggest deal, but made me thing the box might not be capable of processing 2 CBS or NBC stations at a time.

Interesting… Could be a limitation of the guide data associated with that zip code. Have you tried entering a neighboring zip to see if there’s a difference? We can work with our guide data provider to get channels added for your area if that’s the case. 

I can add a zip code further north (Solidly in the Dayton market) and see what the results are.  That would be a good way to determine if it was a guide populating problem.  I'll let you know what I find out after I play with it a little.

Sounds good! 

Man, it is not easy to make the app surrender a zip code or location that has already been setup…  Probably something you guys want to look at in the future.  I ultimately just reset the box and went through the setup from scratch again with a more northern zip code.  I got the exact same channels as when using my current location.  Given the difficulty with changing locations, I’m not totally confident that the northern zip code took when I did the channel re scan, so I’m more or less back to square one troubleshooting.  I don’t suppose there is a way to view your channel guide feeds for the two zip codes so I could cross reference what channels could/should be there.

@jbanks25  - Thanks for the feedback. We’ll take a closer look at the zip code issue. In the meantime, send a note to with your zip and the detail on the channels you’re trying to get. We’ll be able to do a lookup on the guide data to see what’s happening. 

This is an interesting issue.  So does the Tablo scan for only channels that are in the list for that user’s zip code, or does it scan for all channels that are available?

One of the nice features of the Tablo is that the channel scan is one of the fastest I have ever seen.  But it sounds like it that fast because it only looks for certain frequencies as opposed to all of them.  

If a station in my market adds a new subchannel, or I get a powerful antenna that can pick up a station 75 miles away, would I be able to see them with a channel scan, or would I have to wait for the database to be updated?

We scan all available frequencies but if we don’t have a guide data for a station, it might not pop up. So if there’s something you think you SHOULD be seeing, but you’re not, please let us know and we’ll get that amended.