How does one to remove the commercial for skip commercials

I would like us to explain how do you do to remove commercial ads. Step by step.
Currently I use tablo ripper.
Thank you

I let the Tablo do it for me :wink:

I just tell my Siri remote “skip ahead 4 minutes” and magically, it does! :clown_face:

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I have to try that.

My current method is to

  1. extract the video from the tablo using surlatablo.

  2. Then load the video into VLC and find the start/stop of each commercial break.

  3. Use the timestamps collected step 2 to edit out commercials.

  4. Put the modified video file into my Plex server and watch the show through Plex.

Takes about 10 minutes per hour of show to find all the break points.

I tried a few open source commercial removal tools but they either missed commercials or mistakenly removed scenes from the show itself.

I have scheduled tasks that use Tablo Ripper to pull stuff off the Tablo and then a MCEBuddy/Comskip setup that strips commericals and then moves it to my Plex directory. The automatic commercial removal is sometimes a little too aggressive but never enough to really impact the episode and definitely not worth the time to mark it manually.