How do you see what's currently being recorded?

The Scheduled display doesn’t seem to show what’s currently being recorded at a glance. How do I see this without having to click through each and every scheduled recording one at a time?

You can always go to the live TV grid. Any channel currently being recorded will be marked.

in my client
On the recordings screen, the status of anything currently recording is ‘Recording’ instead of ‘Finished’

Some apps have a coming soon filter under the scheduled menu. This lists what’s scheduled for recording by day and start time.

So unless you are living in an alternate reality and are totally unaware of time, you can usually figure it out.

What of those in the reality using the web app not having coming soon, despite reading Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices

Tablo Compatible Mobile Devices & PCs

If you want to keep an eye on the game while working on your PC or MAC laptop, or if you have a Home Theatre PC (HTPC) setup in the basement, you can enjoy live and recorded content from Tablo via the web app.


  • Access to all Tablo screens and filters including settings

because Nuvyyo seems to be in the alternate reality where the coming soon filter shows up in the supported browser