How do you get rid of failed recordings?

I noticed a bunch of failed recordings when I use the Chrome browser to manage my Tablo 4 tuner. ( Actually I was using my Chrome browser to see if the new Roku update was available.) How do I delete these failed recordings?

Hi @IBJClark, you delete failed recordings in the same way as you delete regular recordings.  Click the info line for the recording to expand it and then click the Delete Recording button.

As you probably discovered, there is a Failed filter on the Recordings tab in the Chrome html app that shows only the series/etc with failed recordings.  This is an easy way to discover (and clean up) failed recordings.

Thanks for the tip Mark - I hadn’t noticed that but so far, little issues with recordings except for 1 night when we missed several due to antenna issues.

Yeah, me too.  I usually get failed recordings when my indoor antenna gets bumped during cleaning :(.  I have an outdoor antenna to install when the winter eventually leaves us.  It’s been too long and too cold…

Thanks Mark! I was looking for some sort of mass delete in the failed recording section.