How do I watch shows missing from "recordings" screen?

Based on other threads, I have the same issue as others: shows are recorded, they are on my hard drive, however, they are not showing up through Tablo so I can watch them. Well, I want to watch them this weekend. I’m not the tekkie genius you guys are, but I got my Tablo set up & working perfectly by myself, other than this issue. May I please impose on someone for a rather elementary explanation of how to watch these shows? Hard drive is direct connected to my Tablo. I assume I could see the files if I move it to my computer, BUT, I don’t want to mess up everything that’s already working. It sounded as if I need to edit the file names for the shows Tablo isn’t seeing? Then, reconnect the drive to Tablo?

Download ffmpeg and install on a computer. Then go to the thread on “why didn’t my show record”. The command line to run is how there, you need to substitute the IP address of your Tablo and the show ID.

You can get show ID by looking at http://yourtabloip:18080/pvr.

Good luck.

Thanks! At first, I thought this way over my head, but I was able to locate the download & show ids, so I’ll attempt the rest. I appreciate your help.