How do I Sync Tablo with Chromebook

I open my chromebook, go to, click connect with Tablo. It cycles for a few minutes and says it is syncing but then takes me back to exactly the same screen. I tried rescan with exactly the same results - back to the Connect screen which does not appear to connect. I tried connect via wi-fi, it said I’ll need my home network’s password but there is nowhere to enter the password. What am I missing here?

I use TWC and an Amazon Fire stick. I’ve filed a support ticket to try and find answers to my other questions - like why does the guide only cover 5 or six channels out of the 50 I get?


@TabloTV I have the same problem with my Lenovo 100S computer, which using Windows 10. It only has a 32 GB drive and most of that is taken by the operating system. I did put a 64 GB microsd in. Would it work if a change the browser to cache to D? It works using Chrome, but no other browser. Using IE, it doesn’t show a guide, but if I click on Live TV, I can watch.

I just tried on a chromebook. The sync worked fine, but nothing plays (neither recorded nor live).

Well, now I can watch on the chromebook. I think the problem was that you have to wait around 12 hours for the guide to sync so the channels are available. The TV is still only showing up through channel 18 of 55 channels so I guess it needs a few more days to sync :slight_smile: I’m asking support.

Here it is a month later and once again, I can’t connect to Tablo. I found last months post and apparently I need to try to connect 12 hours before I want to watch anything to give the guide time to download. This is ridiculous.