How do I "Pair" a device for Remote Access?

I have selected the option to enable remote access, and this is what I see in my TP-Link router…

Current UPnP Settings List
ID App Description External Port Protocol Internal Port IP Address Status
1 T00BF6A 21100 TCP 80 Enabled
2 T00BF6A 21101 TCP 8887 Enabled
3 Teredo 55288 UDP 55288 Enabled

This is where my knowledge ends. What do I do next with the remote device, like my Win 7 laptop, or my Kindle Fire, or my iphone? I don’t have a device preference. All I want to do is cast the stream from the device to my TV at the remote location. I have both Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.

Key step is the device you want to use remotely must be on the same network as your Tablo for the initial connection/sync.

For you laptop: Use your browser, I believe chrome is recommended. Go to It will search for the Tablo on your network. Choose Connect when your Tablo name is displayed. It will go thru a sync and after several minutes your content will be displayed.

For other devices you go to their app store and download the Tablo app. Once you launch the app it’s pretty much the same process as above.

Your Fire TV is capable of being used remotely. I believe the Roku devices are not.

Connect your FireTV at your home location and connect to your Tablo. Once you connect to the FireTV with the Tablo locally, then you should be able to take your FireTV anywhere and as long as you can get internet there, you should be able to connect back to your Tablo and watch TV off the Tablo

On phones you must be on WiFi for pairing.

Thank you all so much.

If I understand you correctly, as long as I’ve connected all of my portable devices to my Tablo on my local LAN before leaving home, I should be able to REconnect any one of them using WIFI from my remote location. I’m guessing that there’s an assumption that nothing changes back at the home network- like IP addresses?

Correct. That is why it is highly recommended to reserve a static IP address to your Tablo on your router

If any of the devicez are a phone, you could always try using LTE instead of home lan, or go to a place with wifi local, such ad McDonalds or Starbucks and try. Yes it should work.

The only exception in the Roku. I don’t believe that Roku’s work at a remote location. Not sure if you have any of those. If I am mistaken, someone else please chime in.

AppleTV doesn’t eithet