How do I fix this?

I believe it has something to do with your router. And if you look at the date it looks like it is set to 2009.

I think that date is actually June 9th.

The screen shot looks like it is from your router app. You’ll have to look for a way on your router to whitelist the IP the message says it blocked. It is most likely a built in security feature on the router.

Other possibility, if everything is working OK then that may have actually been a malicious IP trying to attack the remote port the Tablo uses.

Very vague. As noted, you’ve left the helpers to guess what/where this message or screen shot is from.

Router security? It may be doing it’s job, what needs “fixed”? The attacker, good luck getting them to stop.

Is the blurred out Source IP your’s? Or the source of the security risk? If everyone is suppose to interpret the entire problem from this single pic with no info… it’s unclear what you want fixed.