How can i save multiple scans to the guide?

I have 6 antenna settings. If I scan for channel while antenna is pointed in one direction then add those channels to the guide it works fine. The problem is that when I change the antenna direction, res-can then add those channel to the guide, it deletes the channels from my scan of the area covered by my first antenna setting. Either of the following would fix my problem. 1. Allowing multiple scan results to be saved without erasing the previous one. 2. Allow manual input of channels. Is this a user error or is this something else???

Nope, the feature you seek does not yet exist, its been on the roadmap for a while but no ETA.

I would say though, how do you plan to set up a PVR system where you have to constantly change the antenna direction?

Many of us ended up with multiple antennas, pointed in multiple directions, combining the signal before it reaches the Tablo.

Maybe set the antenna half way between the desired stations and perform a rescan.

If you are lucky you might pick up all the stations, even though some might show only one red dot. That’s OK, because it would at least let you add that channel to the Guide, then the weak stations should show up clearly when you point the antenna directly on their glide path.

Good Luck!

One more question and several comments. My question is “Is there any way that I could put them in manually?”. I would gladly pay a reasonable price to have this feature . My antenna installer was impressed with the Tablo until he found that we could not save multiple locations. This could be a good sales tool. He told me that he would recommend these to all his customers if it has this ability. Other installers, I am sure, would recommend your product to all their customers if they could save multiple locations.

I do have another follow-up question to my original comments. How do I go about getting you guys to add programin information to some of the channels that don’t have any program description?

You submit a support ticket with the station info and your zip code. They need to know which stations are actually available in each zip code to get the data downloaded properly.

@bts If you send your MAC address, we should be able to find the missing data for you relatively quickly, and have it added to your area.

My MAC address is 5087B8009B99. That would be great if you could update that information now. I will have to contact you again though. Because I cannot scan multiple locations, I will be installing another one or two antennas. After I have all my antennas working, I will rescan and then I am sure I will have more stations that need information. It’s a shame that you don’t have the ability to scan more than one antenna location at a time because it would be great for you guys as far as sales. Not only can your box not do it but every TV that I have tested so far will let me scan and give me the channels but when I move the antenna and rescanned, it deletes the information from the first scan and puts in the information from this current scan. If your Tablo had the ability to scan multiple locations or even add them manually you would have a great advantage with your sales.

@bts Thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass this along! Send along a note to our team once you’ve got the details on the missing data - or when it’s added to your guide, and we can set this up with our provider.