How can I remove a paired device?

I had a friend over during the arrival and setup of my Tablotv.  After they go home they should have remote access and  I’ll let them test that out to see what we think of it.  How can I remove that access? For a single device only, preferably.   I don’t want someone with the ability to delete my recordings or schedule.  I understand at present if I don’t want someone to access, I can’t give them access to my home network, hopefully, that will change as well.

There really isn’t a way the user can do it besides for turning off the Tablo Connect feature. Tablo Support could probably do it if you give them your Tablo’s MAC address and the name of the device that you want access removed.

I thought that when you are on the device and hit disconnect, and then delete  in the “connect” screen it removes it from the tablo.

@Pix64, disconnecting and deleting doesn’t make the remote device "forget’ about the Tablo.  If that user goes back to, the user can reconnect to the Tablo.

It may be a lot simpler than I thought.   My work laptop had been paired to my Tablo at home, but I had deleted and reinstalled Chrome on it this week.  Now when I go to to, it doesn’t have any record of my home device.

So it might be as simple as clearing out all your cookies on the remote device.  If it is a tablet app, I am not as sure.

That’s essentially what the delete option is doing…

It’s already a feature request, I guess.

It looks like Tablo is aware.  I want to remove or manage a paired device, not ask someone else to remove their paired device.  The first step would be a settings button that removes all paired devices from Tablo’s servers.  The better step would be a list of paired devices, with optional names and an administrative login that would allow access to that list. 

If the ip provided by your ISP changes, you’re good.  Another way is to change the internal name of your Tablo.

Thanks all.  Thanks ttldevl.  At least I have a workaround in case someone I don’t trust gets remote access.  Doesn’t stop those I don’t trust inside the house (my wife, relatives, myself on a small screen. etc.)  I’d like to have a login to record, delete and schedule and another login to view live or recorded shows.