How best to exit the Tablo app on Samsung TV

What’s the best way to exit the Tablo app on a Samsung smart TV? Should I go to “Exit” from the settings menu (which would be a pain if I have to do it every time), or just change apps from the TV’s home screen menu? Or, does the latter choice automatically cause the Tablo app to exit?

You can just switch apps or turn off the tv. I just tried it on my Samsung.

OK, thanks. I just thought that, like on a computer, it might be best to stop apps that aren’t being used at the time. So, do TV apps keep running in the background on a TV like they do on a computer?

I can not figure out how to get it installed on a Samsung “Smart” TV. Normally, the back button exits, some apps will prompt you first.

On Roku and Shield they stop, same for Android phones might still run it but I am not sure about a TV.

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