How are you liking the new resume feature

The long awaited resume of where you stopped watching was included in the last release. I think it was not the best implementation. What I am seeing is a lag in the resume feature coming on to the menu. If do not wait  and hit delete it hangs and have to hit back or home to get out of. I find this frustrating and can’t believe that is the best that can be done. I have a Roku3. What is your opinion? Is it working better on other streaming devices?

I am using a Roku2 XS, same issue.  When you stop watching there is a lag before the resume option pops up or is updated.  Aside from the update delay, the resume option does work; it’s much better than having to manually forward.

Our Roku team is looking at this now. Stay tuned.

It’s like getting a brand new black car and wishing it was the red one :slight_smile:

Seriously though, the feature is much welcomed, but I have been tripped up a time or two with hitting buttons before the Roku refreshed.

I was thinking it adds no value displaying the exact time where you will resume. If that is causing the delay by all means get rid of it. I like Jbanks25’s black/red car story. Jbanks25 what do you use to stream? Roku? What model?

I like it displaying the time where I will be resuming, tells me how much of the show I watched previously. The lag is hit or miss, sometimes it updates right away, sometimes I need to wait for the “resume playback” option to popup on Roku.

@a9erfan The things I frequently use are Roku 3, Roku 2XS, Ipad 3, and Chromebook.  The rest of my stuff runs through Plex.

Max I see you point it is useful but what if it was one or the other. 1 being to fix lag and 2 being to show the time which would you pick? 

Hire some Aereo folks - they enabled this with no lag

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I believe the Tablo is reporting the stopped time to Tablo’s (or some other?) web server (the cloud) in order to pickup the show where you left off on any device. Netflix must do the same thing.

After stopping a show on Roku, if you “down arrow” to the Delete option and click Ok before the resume has time to update the screen, you will inadvertently hit the Read More option instead of the Delete you think you hit.

I agree the implementation seams like it could be done better but Tablo may be at the mercy of the Roku.

One thought: Would it be better to move the “Resume From” option to the bottom of the list instead of moving all original options down and placing Resume at the top?
Max I see you point it is useful but what if it was one or the other. 1 being to fix lag and 2 being to show the time which would you pick? 

If it’s one or the other, go with fixing the lag. If it’s both, I’ll gladly keep both.

I have NEVER gotten this feature to work. Does not continue from where last viewed but returns to the beginning of recording. Happens with webtv or android tablet. Any suggestions?

This is a known issue, at least on the Android side, which will be supposedly resolved in the next update. They have been saying it is coming soon for a few weeks now, so hopefully we can see the fix soon.