How about an option to NOT load images?

OK, I am assuming that the slowness of the new Roku channel and even the slowness of loading on the old channel is due to the passing of images for the channels info and shows being loaded. How about a setting that skips the image loading? I do not need the image of a show. Just give me the name. Text is cheap and should be a TON quicker to pass from the Tablo decive to a roku than passing images + text. 

Ideally text alone would be passed followed by some lazy loading of the images to update in the background after screens have loaded with text. But loading text alone seems like the quick short term fix.

For the record this slow loading is not just the new channel. The old one just hid the problem better. But when I load episodes for a show where I have a ton of shows recorded even the old channel took a long time to load. Again…I assume the problem is due to the images.

Great idea but many people do not want a text only interface.

Is your Roku connected via WiFi by chance? I have noted the wired connection is faster on the channel than WiFi.

I’m thinking the slowness is because of a plethora of WAMP calls, possibly multiple for every possible show in guide history.  Not saying that there aren’t some savings in not caching the image data, but what would really be nice is a better protocol for blasting guide data all at once in a easy to render form or possibly some separation between guide/schedule and the device (a totally different approach).  The problem with the latter is that the end device does seem to want some autonomy… but listening to others here, it’s seems it tied to the Internet regardless.  So… maybe put further distance between the (outside) server that schedules and the Tablo end device which has an idea of that data that it uses except when overridden by the (outside) guide server.

Consider somewhat the TitanTV approach where it is a “guide” that can talk to your end device.  Somehow you’d have to have user state so that a user’s schedule recording could correlate back to the guide service on a regular interval somehow to make sure it’s still accurate.

Thinking further on this, probably what is needed is that approach combined with probabilistic (optional) “majority rule” localized guide changes so that a local community could present guide changes… this would allow someone to receive up to the minute schedule changes (i.e. handling schedule push outs due to dynamic live events).

Just thinking out loud…

I have my 1 of my roku 3 wired and the other via wifi. Even the wired one seems slow to load the guide. Eves requested an option to not display images theuser86 not to remove them entirely from the Roku app. I’d like to be able to go to a station without waiting for the guide to load on that station. Sometimes I know exactly what is on and I just want to quickly change the channel but I can’t without waiting for the programing to load. 

I’m not entirely sure what is and what isn’t possible but having that load faster in any way that is possible would be great. I do enjoy the new guide and roku app over the old one that’s for sure.

FINALLY others are joining me in blaming the images!  I’ve been saying it for a very long time.  How about storing the guide to the sdcard IF it is installed.  If not installed (or does not have) then then could have no image option.  Just as Netflix has a new version for the Roku 3 and the older Rokus don’t.  I hope that @TabloSupport will address this very soon.

Great idea but many people do not want a text only interface.

Is your Roku connected via WiFi by chance? I have noted the wired connection is faster on the channel than WiFi.

They said setting or option. i’d like a text-only option myself for phones or other devices with web interface. 
Option, setting - so the comment about “but many people do not want…” won’t apply as they can accept and enjoy the default. But the images take a lot of time/real estate, etc.and the option to NOT have them would be great for more than just a few of us. This has been brought up too many times to consider this a request by just a tiny handful of owners. 
Pictures are nice, showy, professional, but frankly, i’d rather read a list sometimes than see the pictures. (you don’t have images with manual recordings and just seeing the text is fine there - and often we must do manual recordings since Tablo doesn’t allow us to adjust shows AFTER live events like ball games and such. Every Sunday I have to manually record a show because the games always go over - but Tablo accounts for only the game, NOT those of us who don’t want to watch games but want to record the shows after the games. That being said I’ve a fair number of manual recordings, which have no images and that’s fine. I don’t need to stare at a show-offy picture of the shows stars.

I want speed. (call me a function over form person)