Horizontal lines

I am seeing horizontal lines whenever people move. I am recording at 720p, which is what the Tablo settings suggest. Does anyone else have this problem? Is this a normal thing on broadcast television?

I see it too, but it is almost like the image is shaking from left to right on fast motion or with panning.

Same here but only with the web app and Android app.  Roku looks fantastic.  I’m recording in 1080p.  

I am watching on a Roku 3. I have changed the default recording quality to 1080p. Perhaps that will help.

I had the same…I adjusted the settings on my TV. In my case it was the SHARPNESS. I turned it down a bit and made sure I was recording in 720. All TV’s are different so ya may have to play around with the factory settings. Not saying it will fix the issue but in my case it did.

@bblackmoor - If futzing with the settings don’t work, send a note to support@tablotv.com and they’ll work with you to get it sorted out.

What about the video appearing to shake or stutter on fast motion or panning scenes?

I noticed this after the update.  My wife was watching the bachelorette that was just recorded last night.  Tablo is set to 720p and abc broadcasts in 720p.  It was bad throughout the whole 2 hr episode.

Then I watched Gang Related on Fox, which was recorded last week.  Another 720p broadcast and recording and that was flawlesss.  Lots of fast scenes and camera movements and no issues.  Did not see what I saw on when wife was watching the bachelorette.

FYI, this is a lot like what I notice on the web app when watching tv, but the web app does it more sustained.


I tested on iPad and video is excellent.

Web app via chrome on i3 laptop is still producing stuttered video

Roku has that same stutter but not all the time only on fast motion. ( did not do this prior to update. Was a new video player or codec introduced with the update )


So from the laptop I tried Firefox and the video payed back smooth. So this horrible video is strictly related to chrome browser via laptop.

Also tried iPad Safari browser and playback was smooth.

Still monitoring Roku to see if that stuttering Playback comes back.

@guck11 Does this seem to be limited to a specific channel or recording? It’s possible it could be a broadcaster issue if it only comes up on one channel.

The web app issue in chrome happens on all channels.
I went into advanced settings on a Chrome and disabled Hardware Acceleration and that seemed to help. Video is better but nowhere near as good as in firefox and Safari.

Roku app appears to be limited to my ABC affiliate. I did some checking and ABC parent company broadcasts in 720p but my local affiliate has decided to up convert to 1080i locally here. Could that be the issue?