Hooking up Tablo to 2015 Samsung

My Samsung 2015 does not have a usb port. Only a hdmi and a coaxial port. I have Wi-Fi but after downloading app I need to know if I can use a usb to Hdmi adapter to connect Tablo to my TV

If you are using the new white 4th gen Tablo, it does not use HDMI or USB to connect to your television. The USB port in the back is for adding an external hard drive. The 4th gen Tablo connects to your television through a wireless or ethernet connection. Make sure you’ve got the dark blue app downloaded.

More steps are located at: 4th Gen Tablo First Time Setup

My TV does not have fireTv or Roku or any of the proposed program. Do I need a fire stick

If you are using the 4th Gen Tablo than yes you need a fire TV stick or Roku. You also need to hook it up to your router or go wireless. It does not connect to your TV. You load a TABLO app on your FireTV stick or Roku and control the TABLO that way. You need to install the app on your smartphone too for initial setup.

It is a very simple process and easy to follow with their online instructions or instructions that come with the TABLO.

As an aside it seems the Roku app is giving some people more issues than the FireTV app which I use and am happy with.