Home system with two or more tablo

From other posts, I know you can have more than one table.
I’m looking at have two tablo so I can record/watch more the 4 shows at once,
And watch the same show at the same time on two or more TV
My questions

  1. does both tablo works as one. All records shows in one locations. I do not want to switch to each tablo to see watch was recorded.
  2. I watch a show (recorded) on mult Tv at the same time. When I pause, ff, skip. This happen on all tv.
  3. does the DVR have the ability to record only new, all. If conflict, find recording,
  4. can the shows be store on my computer hard drive.
    Thank for your help

No, each Tablo will only display or play what was recorded on that unit. You will have to switch between units to see everything recorded.

No, each play back device (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc.) will be independent of the other devices.

Yes, with a subscription, you can set series to record new or all and if the time or station changes your Tablo will find and automatically adjust. Conflict resolution (too many things set to record at one time) has to be done manually, but there is a screen to check for conflicts.

There are several 3rd party programs that will allow you to copy the recordings to your computer harddrive, but each Tablo must have a harddrive dedicated only to it. The entire harddrive will be formatted in ext4 format and can only be accessed by one Tablo at a time.


Thank, great reply.

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Your points have been covered, if this is important, I believe you want search for IPTV distribution or player. I know little or less about it. It takes your video input then your network enabled TVs plays it simultaneously. That’s an over simplification from my lack of understanding.

Back to topic. There was a time when I would have recommended more than one Tablo, but that was way back when Tablo allowed “an account” subscription to cover all Tablos owned. That is no longer the case (old folks are under a grandfathered arrangement).

So, for today, no, I do not recommend more than one Tablo, it’s way too expensive. Honestly, it’s hard enough to recommend Tablo at all. Just saying. Scrappy newcomer turned chaotic mess.

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Not sure if this is part of your question, but you can play the same program on multiple TVs but they will not be in sync. You don’t need a tuner for each TV to do that.

Seems you’re new to Tablo. You have this idea what you want to do, but is having more than 4 tuners really needed?
You’ll probably say ‘yes’, so I’m curious why.

I have more then 4 tuners. I record all the saturday college football games and that takes 4 tuners. I weed out the crappy games later.

Of course I prefer his and her units. We both record what we want and watch in the order we want.

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