Holy mother of large fonts, Batman!

@TabloTV, is it just me, or has the new forum topic font size increased for viewing across continents?

We just did an update this morning, but my font look & feel didn’t change drastically.

You might want to check your preferences page:

I think there is a built in assumption that all users actually login to read the forum. If not they won’t have Preferences. I wonder what browser is being assume - Chrome?

Even when logged out, I don’t see a difference.

It’s unchanged for me…

They do look larger. If you change the font to smaller then the look like they used to on my 5K display.

Yup, my preferences ‘Text Size’ is still ‘Normal’, and all other text is the same size I remember from last week, and earlier.
It’s just the forum topics that are much larger now.
It’s not killing me, just wanted to give you guys a heads up that it’s happening.

MS Windows 10 Professional x64
Mozilla Firefox v65.0.1

Wait, did the topic flares change position from the right of the topic to below the topic?

Yes, that is exactly the change I am seeing as well.

About 1 hour after the tablo Preferences post I restarted my brower and the font is now somewhat back to normal.

Before it reverted I even had to take my reading glasses off. Otherwise it was way too big and strange.

Safari on Mojave. Fonts very large, preferences we set to Normal. Even after setting preferences to Small, the text is larger than it was. Did the default font change? I think maybe it’s specifying a font I don’t have so the fallback is to a font that looks much larger.

Seems fine on Safari on High Sierra

Font size is fine to me, but the BOLD isn’t as vivid as before.