Hockey fan in Canada

Hi !

I’m another Canadian trying to cut the cord, but there are two hurdles:

  • We record anything we watch on regular cable TV
  • I am a Habs fan. So much that I do record games and start watching them as soon as the wife goes to bed.

Even if I’d pay for NHL Network, Habs are in a private market and you do need a cable subscription to get the games. A friend of mine got a Firestick and added the FibeApp (streaming app from Bell) as an extra. That would work to watch hockey, but I can’t record.

Is there any loophole to this ?

Tablo is strictly Over The Air DVR… your loophole would be to broadcast it over an ATSC signal, which I doubt is really possible.

  • No

How instantaneous to the actual game does watching hockey have to be. Could it be the next day?

There is some techno babble in the bell Canada site about downloading recordings to you device for offline viewing if you have a PVR. Whether these downloads are DRM protected who knows.

But the cheapest PVR is $5 (Canadian) a month. If the recording is DRM free and your friend doesn’t live in L.A. it might work to chip him the $5.

Thanks guys. I guess I’ll stick to the full cable setup. Even if I wouldn’t record, in order to get TVA Sports and RDS, I need the Fibe App which I would stream on top of an unlimited Internet connection. That adds up to 80 $ a month minimum (in my area). A 24 month subscription is 99$ and includes the router + DVR location. Is my hockey addiction and recording habit worth 20 bucks a month ? Probably. I guess they still have me by the… puck ? :wink:

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